You Need To Keep Doing It Afraid


Hi there,

See who is writing to you again. I think we’re really going to stay long in this journey together. Here is my hand of friendship, pals 🀝🀝🀝.

So I’m going to be shaking a table today but don’t get it twisted, we are all going to repair the damage done to our tables. We will stand so tall on it with our shoulders high. We are going to do just fine afterward. WHO IS READY FOR A SHIFT??

Get the gist here,

To what extent has fear dealt with you that you lack the nerves to take appropriate measures needed to catapult you into your realm of success. Friends, are you still ridden in fear? Do you live your life in constant fear and tension???

May I inform you now that fear or being afraid is powerful enough to keep us from reaching our full potentials and living out our best lives. Many people are living in self-made lockups of their own fears because they are afraid of their own fear. Hence, they shy away from their responsibility and have everything left in the lurch. How funny, pals!!!

Can I also tell you now that fear is always going to be part of the process and that’s pretty okay because we can do something about it? Everyone has a bit of fear that raises up our adrenaline at every moment we embark on doing something we have not attempted before. There are lots of moments in our lives that we enjoy the ambiance of our comfort zones and we are so unwilling to try new things because of the outcome, fear of failure, fear of what your kith and kin will label you. It’s okay for people to place a label or tags on you but deep down you will be joyed you made an attempt. The goal is to take over the wheel from fear!!!

Thomas Edison kept doing it afraid for 999 times till He got the result that brought about the lightbulb we all use today. πŸ’‘ I’m certain He must have been labeled as a failure but this big guy was deaf-mute to the labels. He really punched fear so hard in the face till He was in control of the wheel. Fear’s got nothing on Thomas. I hope you can say that too???.

I hope you are savoring the dish I’m serving right now? Having been told we all have a bit of fear in us and it’s also part of the process to the big picture. The interesting part is, fear doesn’t dictate the outcome unless you allow it to. Someday, you will be faced with situations that will pull you out of your shell and force you into a room with your fear. Whatever it is, you will need to just do it afraid.

Doing it afraid synonymously means that you will feel the fear but you will do it anyways. We have lost count of opportunities that could associate us with greatness but we don’t pursue it because of fear. I am here to remind you today to silence every screaming demon in your head telling you otherwise and launch yourself deep into being courageous. Do not let fear hold you down anymore.

Lastly, friends, what you feed, expand and what you starve, deteriorate. STARVE YOUR FEAR TODAY!!! Are you willing to take a step of action in the direction of your aspiration, goals, and purpose? I think it’s time you do it afraid. SO DO IT!!! I’m cheering and rooting for you always.

Thank you for engaging with me on this blog. You are the real deal friends. If you are blessed and encouraged by this post, please be kind to follow, share with your friends and families. Always leave a comment. I love to hear your thoughts always. Have an amazing week, pals.

Ps- God has not given us the spirit of fear but of love, power, and a sound mind. Good wishes!!!

Love and Light always,


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photo credit -Pinterest

Taiwo Eniola

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9 thoughts on “You Need To Keep Doing It Afraid

      1. This is indeed motivating… Face your fears!! Thanks for the writeup. I hope to find something interesting again here tomorrow.

  1. Wonderful piece! Yes, do it afraid!!! This is better than not doing it at all!
    Also starve your fears!!!!! God bless you more Sis.

  2. This got me confessing my favorite bible verse, only to find it at the ending.. “For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind”
    God’s illumination on you sis. …

  3. Hmm.
    The problem Is the pro’s don’t tell us often that they started scared too.
    And we get intimidated by successes we see, making us think we can’t do it either.

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