Why You Should Never Give Up


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I know many are on this table but the good news is that we are smashing this table and we are really staying on top of the game.

Are you on the verge of ending things because things are beyond your control? Do you feel like you can’t even finish what you begin with? Do you feel all odds are against you? Have you even attempted to label yourself a failure?

If you are right on this table. I congratulate you my friend because you are on the right page. This table will be totally broken and you will be provided with enough arsenal to strengthen and help you navigate through in this journey. So no one is giving up now right???

I know you will have a thousand and one reasons why you want to put an end to everything but why would you want to sell yourself short and give up on the best life God has in store for you. See, I understand from your perspective that things are tough but do you also know that challenges are part of life, they are part of the process to the big picture you admire. In fact, butterflies and rainbows do not emerge until the rain has occurred and the caterpillar has undergone the due process. You see why a whole sweet human like you with capabilities cannot afford to surrender. It’s not over until it’s really over. YOU GOT THIS!!!

True failure isn’t when you miss the hit, but it’s when you give up. Quitting is for weak minds. You can do all things through God that says He will supply the strength you need. I need you to open yourself into your channels of capabilities, you have all that it takes to strive for success. Don’t give up now, friends.

If you keep going with the “I will not give up mindset”, you never can tell when you will hit a breakthrough. Instantly, I’m sure you will forget all the things you complained about. Don’t be like this guy in ULTIMATE SEARCH(were you a fan of this TV program? I love it) who dug a hole for several hours only to give up that the gold box wasn’t there and there came this guy after him who only spent few minutes in digging that same spot and alas this new guy(HECTOR) hit the gold box. He was declared the winner. I’m sure you are feeling so bad for the first guy now if only he had persevered and dug a little deeper. I leave you to your conclusion.

That you deserve the best life cannot be overemphasized. Maybe you should consider this when you feel like giving up remember that someone out there is looking and drawing strength from you. You never who is watching or who the monitoring spirit” is!!!😂😂😂

Below are 8 tips that should help you develop a resilient spirit to keep you going no matter the odds against you.

📍Always remind yourself why you started.

📍Be flexible with your approach. You can’t do things the same way and get a different result.

📍Accept that challenges are part of life.

📍Take a break while you re-strategize.

📍Practice positive affirmations and surround yourself with optimistic people.

📍Share your burden with someone that can encourage you.

📍Read other people success’s stories.

📍Get connected to God to help you weather the storm.

I hope you will not just read but put everything into use to achieve your goal. God is helping you. Don’t give up friends.

Thank you for your time here. If you are blessed with what you read, please don’t forget to engage yourself on this blog. Share with friends and families. See you in the comment section. I love to hear your thoughts!!!

Ps- If you fall seven times, stand up eight times. Whenever you ever want to attempt quitting, imagine, and visualize the sweet taste of victory. YOU ARE NOT GIVING UP. YES, YOU!!! I’m always cheering and rooting for you!!!

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