What To Do When Life Halts


What to do when Life Halts

Hello Tribe!!!!
How are you enjoying this weather?
It’s cool, right?

There is a saying that, ‘Life is more than just chess. Though Kings die, life goes on.’

What I’m about to share with you, I know it might sound somehow. I know you might actually roll your eyes but this is the bitter kola nut you need to swallow. ~~(Dorh, I don’t eat kola nut)~~

**What do you do when life halts?**
**What do you do when it seems nothing is working?**
**What do you do when it seems the tides are turning against you?**
**What do you do when you are at crossroads in making a decision?**
**What do you do when you feel discouraged to do anything?**
**What do you do when life halts?**


That’s the logic. The world is experiencing an attack/an invasion on its health sector but that it is not the end, is it?
In this pandemic, many have made millions. In this pandemic, many have achieved their dreams. In this pandemic, many have learned new things.

  “*The only solution to a standstill(halt) is to keep moving, no matter what.”*
**Lola’s pen**

I know this might sound lame, untrue, illogical, and even stupid.
But, *” Solutions can never appeal or agree to man’s reasoning.”* Lola’s pen

Chai!!! I’m dishing out quotes today.

I’ll keep my post short and simple but I will ensure you get value enough to last you for as long as you want.
*“Your destiny is in your hands. It’s up to you to choose what to do with the information you receive concerning your destiny.”*
***Lola’s pen**

Let me ask you this;
I mean the physical walking. Do your legs just decide on their own to walk? No.
Your leg has to come in agreement with the Head,(Your Brain), the eyes(without it, the legs can’t even know where to go), and the whole body.
Movement is a conscious agreement to take or make a shift or to be in motion. My definition as regards this post.

You (your legs)can’t move if you don’t want to move.
The best advice I’m gonna give you when you feel discouraged, embittered, tired, weary, used, and negative is to KEEP MOVING AGAINST THE TIDES.
You have to decide to move. You have to consciously decide to move.

Don’t stop. Don’t let anything stop you. You shouldn’t stop. You must not stop. It can be disastrous if you do.
Just keep moving.
Keep moving.
My friend, keep moving.

Tell yourself this, “Lola (your name), though it seems things are hard, I’ll keep moving. Though others are stopping, I’ll keep moving.”

The truth is this, the solution to whatsoever you are searching for is on the way. The only way to get it, is to be on da moveeeeeeeeee.
Say, ‘Move!!!!’

Let me share with you four things that can help you to keep moving in Life despite the challenges;

1. SELF MOTIVATION: You’ve got to encourage yourself every time. Remind yourself that nothing will happen if you stop. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So, consciously motivate yourself. Say positive things to yourself. Start seeing yourself surmounting the impossible. You are your number 1 motivator. Motivate yourself.

2. LISTEN TO MOTIVATIONAL PODCAST AND SONGS: This can really help a lot. Listen to the motivational podcasts and thank me later. You can download this app, “Castbox or Anchor” and search for On purpose with Jay Shetty.
You will be grateful you did.

Firefighters are those who motivate and encourage you. They believe in you, they urge you on, and they are ever supportive. They don’t dampen your moods. Surround yourself with them if you want to keep moving in life.

4. GIVE IT TO GOD AND HAVE A THANKFUL HEART: I’m writing the best for the last. ~~E get why.~~
  This works like magic. Have a thankful heart always. There is someone out there that you are better than, so thank God for the gift of living. Then, you must understand that you can’t do it on your own. Give it to someone who can help you, GOD. He is ever ready to help.
If He can do it for me, He can do it for you.

I wish I could add more but let’s stop here. All I have shared will really go a long way to help you.
What do you do when life halts?
But actually, do you know that Life does not halt?
Yeah, it doesn’t. It’s all in our minds.
Life goes on.
So don’t let your life halt.
Don’t stop, because life does not stop.

Finally, Life is like a road,
There are bumps,
There are cracks,
There are roadblocks,
But the only important thing is that,
It Keeps going.

I hope you got value.
I’d like to hear from you.
Love you.

Lola's Pen

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  1. Thanks so much for this great write up, I really appreciate it, more oil to your lamp MA

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