What Should You Do To Earn Trust In Your Relationship?


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Welcome to another episode of relationship talk on Naija Interest where we will be talking about what to do to earn trust in your relationship.

For those of you who have been following us, we really appreciate your consistency and hope to see more of you. You will realize we’ve been talking about what helps and sustain relationships, of which we’ve been able to talk about what secrets should be hidden from your partner and unforgiveness among others. Today we will be talking about what is required to earn trust in your relationship.

Trust is another important subject in relationships that needs attention. Like I mentioned in the previous post, we are so used to hearing about a lot of things and they always sound like good ideas until it is time to practice them. Of course there is a lot of relationship chaos these days and it is a result of some trivial issues we are ignorant of. Trust is a broad topic with many branches beyond those ones we are used to hearing but what do we do to earn trust in your relationship.

Trust is the ability to accept the fact and be free from suspicion. To trust someone means you are certain that your partner will always be loyal to you and love you no matter what and that is going to save you from a lot of stress and chaos. It also means you are pleased confiding in your partner because you feel safe with the fellow. If your relationship does not possess these qualities attributed to trust, then start inculcating it because It is a foundation you need to build in order to sustain your relationship. This article will take care of two aspects of trust and they are; the process of building trust and accepting it.

It is important to note that trust in relationships is a two-way process, it involves trusting your partner and to be trusted by your partner at the same time. Mutual effort commitment is therefore required in order to achieve this, you also need to know what your expectation is towards one another.

In order to build trust or to earn your partner’s trust, you have to be conscious of your behaviours and actions. How do you handle matters? Can your partner open up to you without he/she thinking you will overreact? You keep wondering why your partner finds it difficult to open up to you, but have you asked yourself how you reacted the first time he/she did? Do you accept your mistakes and do you forgive one another when you make mistakes? If you are guilty of unforgiveness then it will be difficult for your partner to accept mistakes but rather find excuses and be defensive, this is just because your partner does not trust your judgement which is a result of your behavior.

It is also important to know that you don’t just desire trust, rather you live it. Do unto your partner what you expect from him/her, be truthful, responsible, caring, honest, be an active listener, keep to your promises. Don’t make promises to impress your partner because breaking them is one of the easiest ways to breach trust.

To also build trust, you must learn to develop your communication skill, be transparent enough, and don’t hide anything from your partner, because sooner or later he/she will find out and you can expect such a person to trust you. Talk about everything and be honest about it, ask questions and clear every doubt. If you have doubts, share them and talk it over.

You also need to learn how to keep secrets whenever your partner opens up to you, don’t judge and be mindful of your private space, otherwise you wouldn’t expect him/her to trust you with anything again subsequently.

Now, having discussed the processes of building trust and how to earn it, you must also learn to trust your partner. Some just for no reason do not trust their partner. You don’t know what he/she is capable of doing, you’re always suspicious of everything and find it hard to believe anything. This can cause a lot of chaos in relationships.It is important to build trust because you cannot love without trust, just as earlier stated, it is the building block of love. Your partner needs to be rest assured that you’re trustworthy and will not ditch them during difficult times.


Trust comes when there are no secrets kept, no judgements made, and no lies told. Just a little white lie can cause much harm in your relationship. Trust your partner enough to share anything with him/her even when you are wrong, don’t cover up anything, that will build trust the more because he/she knows that you will always open up and anything you didn’t mention never happened even though he/she is hearing somewhere, it never happened unless you confirmed it.

To build and to earn trust in your relationship is possible and it can be achieved. Do away from every mentality that is harmful to your relationship and inculcate those processes required to build trust. You don’t want your relationship to fail just because of your ignorance, take responsibility and God will help you.

Thanks for your time, I must confess to you that I’m encouraged to write more because I’m certain you will always read. Please endeavor to share and relate your thoughts with us via the comment section, and don’t forget to check our website for other inspiring posts.

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