Relationship: Five (5) Things You Should Never Do During Conflict

Good day guys, welcome to today’s episode of relationship talk on Naija interest where we will be talking about things you should never do during conflict. We must let you know that we appreciate your consistency and we indulge you to continue to check our site subsequently for amazing posts.

    Today, as earlier mentioned, we will be talking about those things you should never do in conflicts. While conflict is something that is unavoidable, it is important we talk about how we should handle it, especially  our utterances and actions during conflicts. Conflict in a relationship means disagreements or variance between two people that are in love.

Conflicts can not be avoided in relationships, of course, they end up settling it when they’ve come to an agreement. After the conflict has been resolved, partners will be definitely forgive one another but what are the things that happen during the conflicts that have an aftermath effect? Do we overreact? Talk anyhow? Reign insults and curses? If all these should happen, do you think your partner will not keep remembering even after when you’ve settled the conflict.

    Of course the aim of conflict should be towards agreement. You both come from different backgrounds hence, you will have your differences. There is usually conflict while you are trying to come to an agreement and it can’t be avoided. Sometimes, it has to do with personality and you don’t just get to agree on something always, that common disagreement is also known as conflict.

The focus of this write up is to point out some things you should never do during conflict because they might leave scars behind which will  keep lingering in your partner’s memory even after when you’ve come to an agreement. Five of those things are:

Never make  references to past mistakes in your relationship

One of the things you should never do during conflict is to never make reference to your partner’s past. While you are not in good terms with your partner, hurting him or her is still not it, you don’t have to be after winning, but rather you should be after agreement and this must come with understanding. No matter what, you shouldn’t make reference to what has happened in the past especially those ones he/she regrets. Doing this only shows that you’ve not forgiven your partner and it also means that you don’t care about your partner’s feelings.

Also, wrong actions taken by your partner should not be mentioned during conflicts no matter what, learn to tame your tongue particularly when you are angry. It passes a lot of messages which cannot be erased even after conflict.

Never take advantage of the secret your partner shared with you

Another thing you should never do during conflict is to use your partner’s secret against him/her. For someone to share his/her secrets with you, the person must have trusted you to a great extent and if you fail to learn how to control your anger, you will just spit out what you ought not to say and thereby breach the trust the person has in you. Don’t make your partner vulnerable just because he or she opens up to you.

Never use offensive words during conflict

Another point is that You should never use abusive words or offensive language during conflict. Some people will even go to the extent of insulting their partner’s family or making reference to their condition or disability. This makes your partner feel less of him/herself and also doubts the love you claim to have for him/her.

Never allow intruder in your relationship

Everybody does not have to know what is going on in your relationship. You don’t take counsel from anyhow person, because not everyone is in the best position to advise you and they have nothing good to offer than what will worsen the case.

Also, no matter how hurt you might be, never talk less or condemn your partner to people, you are only selling their respect and it will hurt you more when they disrespect him/her in your presence. This cannot be fixed after when you’ve calmed down. You might say you wouldn’t want to that but it usually happen unconsciously especially if you are the type that talks too much, therefore, one of the ways to avoid doing this is to learn to tame your tongue

Never Hit your partner

The last point I will be discussing on things you should never do during conflict in your relationship is hitting your partner. Virtually everyone knows that this is very bad but it can not be overemphasized. People that are prone to do this are aggressive people, they find it hard to manage their anger.

You might be asking where is the place of forgiveness if these things can still affect even when the conflict has been settled? Well, it’s still there, there should be forgiveness but remember it’s not possible to totally forget. The memory will sometimes linger and thereafter hurt. It might affect your relationship because the person will not even feel safe with you anymore and it will be difficult to trust you to the extent of opening up about everything. Remember trust is the building block of love and when it has been breached, you might not like how your relationship looks like.

I hope you’ve been able to note those things you should never do during conflict and I enjoin you to be conscious of these things as I pray for the best in your relationship.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share and also relate your thoughts with us via the comment section.
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