Three (3) Important Things You Must Do To Have The Best Relationship

A lot of people desire to have a healthy relationship and of course marriage, of which there are important things you must do to have the best relationship you desire. Let’s see how this works

As much as it is good to desire good things, it is also expedient to know that you have a role to play beyond admiration in order to make your wishes  a reality.  

There are important things you must do to have the best relationship, so that you won’t just be there wishing alone but to live what you desire.

As earlier established in our previous post, that background could be responsible for one’s attitude and beliefs, way of life and the likes.

To deal with this and learn how to do things the right way, we’ll be checking two cogent points on the important things you must do to have the best relationship.

Seek God

One of the things you must do to have the best relationship is seeking God’s face. This is the most important thing and the first thing to do.

Firstly you must learn to seek God’s face in everything that pertains to you. You don’t have to wait until you are ready to get married before thinking of seeking God’s face.

It is a resolution you have to make before anything. The Bible says “seek you first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and every other thing shall be added”.

Particularly, now that we are talking about important things you must do to have the best relationship. You must therefore learn to live for God and live to please God, not just because you desire a lovely relationship but because you want to live a meaningful life of which marriage is solely part.

This can be done by firstly establishing a relationship with Him by confessing Him as your Lord and savior as you decide to put Him first in everything.

The word of God has the answer to every question you can have. The Bible says “all scriptures are given by inspiration of God and it is profitable for teaching, reproof, correction and training in righteousness”.

From here, you could see that we can learn a lifestyle to be inculcated from God through His word in order to live a good life and also have a peaceful home.

Get helpful materials

Things you must do to have the best relationship
One of the things you must do to have the best relationship is learning via books and other materials that could help

God has helped some people in this aspect called marriage such that they’ve been able to put something down in writing by the virtue of their experience.

There are books that could be of help, get them and read, attend helpful seminars and also listen to messages that can help. You will definitely learn and have a better understanding of things.

Choose a mentor

The second point on important things you must do to have the best relationship is setting a focus for yourself. There is a saying I love so much and it goes thus; “you are a product of what you give yourself to”.

This simply means that you end up being what you are used to seeing or doing, that is what you are exposed to. You can think beyond what you see or read.

You have to choose to see what you want to become. It has a psychological way of affecting you because you begin to reason in that line, you begin to create a picture of what you are used to seeing.

If it is so, then you should choose a mentor or discipler, just someone that has gotten it right that you could move closer to and learn from them.

It is also important to note that at the point of learning from any of these platforms, you must have a simple heart, and be open to learning.

Don’t be rigid and don’t think it’s extreme, wierd or impossible just because you’re not used to it. Open up especially when God is giving you an instruction.

The summary is that you should know the platforms to go to learn helpful things for your marriage, do away with hindrances especially people that have different perspectives entirely from yours and be focused.
The best is definitely yours.


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