The Lone Beggar (2)


He understood nobody would buy food from a pig. The following day, he was set by the roadside. Not begging, but ready for a real transaction. He looked so different, that no one could even recognize him. He didn’t sell anything until noon, when about six customers visited him, buying the food at cheap prices.
Lesson: i. To succeed, you have to take a big step forward.
It was night, and he understood he wouldn’t sell much. He decided to share the food amongst the people who rushed down to him, stretching out their plates, as he served for free. He walked home feeling dejected. But he believed the six people who bought from him would be back to buy the next day, and hopefully, bring some other people along after they might have enjoyed their delicious meals.
Lessons: i. Don’t feel compelled to give out that which would end up being wasted.
ii. Hope is an essential factor of success.
iii. Don’t let disappoint and failure send you parking. They are only stepping stones to
great achievements.
Again, he was at the spot very early in the morning, ready to do business. To his surprise, two people, who he gave for free the previous day, were the first to queue up in front of him. He sold to them, encouraged some others would show up. Before noon, those he sold to the previous day, and those who had it for free, where all queued up, alongside some new buyers. He ended up selling the little he prepared, disappointing many of his customers. He apologized, went back to his house, to prepare more for evening. He ended up disappointing many others at the end of the day.
Lessons: i. Be ready to persevere.
ii. Do good, and the good you have done would locate you in more folds.
iii. One day, your hardwork and perseverance would bring a smile on your face.
iv. Never tell a customer it is finished without you seeking for where else you can get
the particular product. It can make you lose your customers.
This continued, until one day, he thought of expanding his business. He met with the operational manager of the mechanic workshop in front of where he sold his food, which belonged to the operator. They both ended up sealing a deal, he could construct a smal canteen made of wood in front of his garage, while he pays him for renting a portion of his land to him. His business got expanded, and he had to employ a few number of workers to work with him.
Lessons: i. There’s no success without an expansion.
ii. Don’t be satisfied with your little achievement(s)
iii. Keep getting better in anything you do.
He kept expanding his business, until the mechanic man ended up selling to him his whole land at a normal price, and relocating to a nearby available place, where he continued his mechanic business. Today, on that land, he has one of the biggest restaurants in town. He is now a big man, working on where to build his hotel alongside a bigger restaurant. He plans to also build event halls all around the nation, to generate more income for him.
Lessons: i. Remember you can possess the land.
ii. Your sweat and determination would pay off one day.
iii. Never stop working hard.
iv. Never get tired of climbing the ladder.
Maybe I forgot to mention, that he furthered his education, and now, he is reunited with his family, who left him to die.
Lessons: i. Education might be a scam, but notwithstanding, it is a major necessity.
ii. Forgive your enemies. Without them, you may never make it.
NOTE: This story is fictional.
Writer: Ayano Praise (P.Lord)
I hope you enjoyed the story and gained something from the lessons. Thanks for reading. See you again next time.


Ayano Praise, CEO and Admin of Naija Interest. He is into story writing, relationship talks, motivational/inspirational and lot more.

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