The Keepers 12

the end draws near, the crystal has been found

Episode 12

He was finally here, at the doors of the Temple. The sun was setting when he arrived Hagrid, he had wanted to storm into the temple but he knew what awaits him if he tried. Just before he was trapped in Lord Hoblot’s body, he had summoned the Lords to the Hall of Keepers. Storming into the hall without proper planning would result to a war which he didn’t have time or strength for.

He had waited till it was nightfall. Then the great doors were opened and the Lords trooped out of the Temple. He hid in the shadows and listened to them as they murmured among themselves. The Lords of the Keepers love to murmur, an habit he hated but had tolerated all this while, and today it had paid off. The men were loud and could barely keep a secrete between themselves.

“Did you notice how the Lord supreme was behaving, something is definitely wrong.” one of the Lords whispered to the other.

“I think he is not himself, i have never seen him that way. Oh, did you see his eyes, it was as though…”

Their voices disappeared with them into the darkness.

He turned and hurried towards the temple door. He could sense the power overwhelming power of his Ura. He opened the door and stepped in. The temple hall was quiet and gloomy. He made his way down the stairs and searched around the darkness. He could feel the strength of his Ura calling out to him from below the Temple hall. He looked down at the golden floor and bent to touch it. He could sense his Ura down there, under the temple hall. He was surprised. In all the years he had lived within the walls of the temple, he had never seen an underground chamber.


He found it, hidden deep under the temple years ago, with a memory charm that only one keeper per generation could have. The Crystal shone brightly. Its sea blue rays filled the whole room and Lord Hoblot couldn’t help but look away. He heard the crystal call out to him, its evil aroma, compelling him to touch it with the tip of his Ura, but he resisted. He could not be distracted by the evil powers of the crystal. He took some steps forward towards where the crystal lay on top of a golden stand. He was almost there when he heard the voice at the back of his head.

“You found it.”

Oguine Precious

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