The Keepers 11

A solution
A way out…
All leads to further darkness

Episode 11

Lord Banash knew he had made the worst possible mistake anyone could have made. In a twinkle of an eye, he had allowed his prey to escape and now, he was trapped in Lord Hoblot’s body. He strides on, descending the lower part of the mountain. His thoughts were far from the mountains and his every breath was hot and filled with anger.

Sill, his plan hadn’t changed. He had to get to the temple and to his Ura. That is the only solution at hand. With his Ura, the magic done could be undone. He just had to find a way.

The journey was not an easy one and soon, he was beginning to see smokes and roof tops of huts and castles of familiar villages around the Temple. He stopped by a village and ate to his full. He then set out towards the Temple, swearing never to stop until he reaches the gate of the Temple of Keepers.


Lord Hoblot walked into the Temple hall. The four Lords were there waiting for him.

“We got your summoning, hope all is well Lord Supreme?” Lord Dorblot asked.

“We have been waiting for hours, the Temple attendant said you were in your chambers.” Lord Iserl mentioned.

Lord Hoblot stared at the men. If only they knew who he actually was, they would have sent blasts from their Ura towards him. He forced a smile and walked past the men into the center of the hall. He didn’t summon the men but he was sure Lord Banash did before the unfortunate incident.

“I have uncovered a plot,” he started unsure of how the men would react. “The crystal is under threat.”

The four men looked at each other and a murmuring began. He remembered how he used to be part of them. How he attended the great assembly and how he was banished. He had to expose Lord Banash for who he truly was before it becomes late.

“But Lord Banash, who could be after the crystal?” Lord Quetnot asked breaking the chain of murmurings that was ringing around the hall.

“The same, who raised a Signage and killed Keepers. A lord who is after immortality and power. Go now and gather all Keepers you can find. A war greater than the Great war has began.” The Lords murmured among themselves but he was quick to hush them. They were here and he was going to use them to his advantage.

“The enemy descends the mountains of Hagrid. Now go and get the Keepers ready!”

He watched the four Lords leave the hall in a hurry. They were confused and lacked understanding of what was happening. He had to find the crystal. It was here in the Temple, locked somewhere amongst the remains of old. He must find it before Lord Banash reaches the Temple.

Oguine Precious

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