The Beauty Of Conflicts In Relationships

The Beauty of Conflicts in Relationships!! Amazing, right? Hmm… This is what we will be discussing today. So, what should be your attitude to conflict? As we go on to discuss, be sure to open your minds as the beauty attached conflicts in relationships is being discussed.

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Some of you might start wondering if there is any beauty attached to conflicts, especially in relationships. Conflict is what you want to avoid, but has this been possible? No! Conflict is one thing that is inevitable in every relationship. Even the teeth and the mouth fight But they don’t run away from each other. They still stay very close together.

When two people come together to agree that they love each other and they want to be with each other, most forget they are coming from different backgrounds. This is why courtship is very important. It helps you know each other better – and build you to accept each other’s differences and to make other necessary adjustments.

Mr. A might prefer his egg boiled while Miss. B prefers hers fried. This is what a relationship looks like. In this situation, there is always a need for adjustment and acceptance. It is not everything your partner can change about himself/herself. You just need to accept some other things.

Most times, you two have different opinions concerning an issue and it results in a conflict. This is normal. But should conflict break you up? Not at all. Here is conflict helping you to know each other better.

It would help you work on your differences and once you have been able to resolve the issue, you no longer remain at the point where you were before the conflict but together you have moved to a higher level because you have been able to settle another difference – and this is a sign of growth.

Don’t run away from conflicts. Conflicts only solidify your relationship and help you discover more about each other. The mistake most people make is breaking up because of an issue. How many people do you intend to break up with? Yesterday, we said relationships are learning grounds. Conflict is one of those things which offers you an opportunity to learn.

Meanwhile, it is not every issue that needs to result in a conflict. Do you hate anything about your partner, you can sit the person down and discuss. Well, it is either it ends up resulting in a conflict or the issue is solved amicably.

On a few occasions, some conflicts are never resolved because either or both parties cannot tolerate each other’s “attributes”. If a relationship is full of conflicts that cannot be resolved, then such a relationship is leading nowhere. This is another beauty of conflict; it helps you discover if your partner is the right person for you.

If you are sure you two can’t work things out, if the issues keep propounding and propounding without a solution, then you don’t have to stay blinded by love. You don’t need to waste your time or life in such a relationship. Maybe it is time to bow out, but honorably.

Bow out? Yea, break up! But you’d be breaking somebody’s heart, right? Well, if it is for the good of the two of you, then it is no problem. But how do you break up? This is where many make the mistake. There’s is a way you should break up. This leads to a topic for another day: HOW TO PROPERLY BREAK UP. I’m sure you’d enjoy the topic.

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