Story: The Keepers (Recap)

A look into the past

The Keepers : Recap

The Keepers are regarded to as witches and wizards who possess magical powers. They are naturally gifted with magic but their magic can only be channeled through a staff commonly known as Ura.

The Ura is a wooden staff that has a small golden ball attached to its end. The Keepers are called Keepers because, before the great war and the rise of the Nat kings, the Keepers kept the peace of the land. Governed by a Supreme Lord, the Keepers are assigned to provinces governed by Lords. Each Lord then appoints Keepers to various villages in their Province.
The Supreme Lord is elected by the Lords of the provinces and he resides in the Temple of Keepers.

People without magic are referred to as the commoners, they live in villages and the Keepers govern them.
For a long time, there was peace in the land. But when greed crept into the rank of the Keepers, the commoners lost faith in them. The Keepers use their magic to extort taxes from the people. The commoners even pay for healings they previously received for free.

A revolt started when one of the Lords, Lord Ekaborn spoke against the assembly of Keepers. He accused them of breaking the sacred laws of the Keepers and turning against the commoners. Ekaborn was banished from the assembly of Keepers but his revolt didn’t stop there. He allied himself with the commoners and rebelled against the Keepers. Ekaborn gave the people courage and so much faith that the Keepers became afraid of the commoners. But as Ekaborn led this charge, his ambition got the better of him. He seeked more power to destroy the Keepers and that led him to the forest of the night, there, he met with the witches of the night. He asked them for powers greater than the powers of the Keepers combined. He asked to be a god.

He offered his only son as a sacrifice to the witches and they forged a crystal of the night for him. This crystal replaced the golden ball at the end of his staff.
When Ekaborn returned, he led the commoners to the temple of Keepers to fight them and take over the seat of authority.

The Keepers device a plan to protect the people and isolate Ekaborn so as to capture him. The Keepers were to ambush the people and cast protective shields around them thus leaving Ekaborn exposed.

The plan works out, but only for a while. They were no match for Ekaborn’s crystal. Five Keepers came together and joined the tip of their Ura together, they cast an ancient spell with combined the powers of their Ura into one. But it came with a cost. The one who must carry the Ura would die. One of the Lords offered and lifted the Ura. He fights against Ekaborn and won. The crystal was displaced from the staff but it wasn’t destroyed. Instead, whenever the great assembly is called, the crystal is secretly kept in the charge of a keeper unknown to the rest.

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