Story: The Keepers 9

He was there, on the hills of Hagrid…
The master of Signages

Episode 9

He felt it that instant when the blast from the Nats wands hit the sea blue shield Lord Hoblot created. He felt the Signage groan as it tried so hard in a tired body to block the Nats fire. He had to do something fast, if not, the whole enterprise would be for nothing.

He stood from his stool and held his Ura tightly. He was about to cast an ancient spell, one which bore much risks but was necessary. He closed his eyes and muttered some quiet words. His Ura brightened and the ball on top of it glowed. He had to do this, knowing full well that he was channeling part of his energy to Lord Hoblot and the Signage. He opened his eyes and it was white, his life drained into his Ura and has been channeled to that of Lord Hoblot.

Next, he found himself on the hills of Hagrid, blocking the blasts from two Nats. He knew the dangers of what he had done. It was a rare magic, but everything he had done since the beginning of the enterprise was rare. He had summoned a Signage, he had killed other Keepers, and now, he has possessed the body of Lord Hoblot. It was as though it were three people in one body. He felt the Signage resist him as he tried taking over the body, but all Signages were subject to the will of their masters, after all, he was only here to lend some help to the Signage.

He was in control now, and even in the silence of his heart he could feel Lord Hoblot’s presence, intimidating but weak. In his wildest dreams had he imagined possessing the body of one of the feared Lords in the history of Keepers. He smiled now and the cracking shield strengthen. His Ura glowed with a mixture of sea blue and purple. He turned and looked at the older Nat who was laughing as he fired from his wand. The wands don’t get tired, they just keep on firing. But as soon as the older Nats saw Lord Hoblot’s eyes, his eyes widened with shock. He stopped firing and stared at the Lord who was still surrounded by his shield.

“How…” the older Nat muttered as if he just discovered something… Or rather someone.
“How is this possible?” the older Nat had made him out. There is a saying that the eyes never lies. And now, by seeing his eyes and the colour of the shield, the Older Nat knew who he was. The younger Nat stopped firing, surprised that his colleague wasn’t firing anymore. Lord Hoblot shield came down, but that instant, without raising his Ura, a weird blast came from it and hit the older man on the chest. The older man fell backwards and winced in pain. The young Nat sent a blast from his wand, but Lord Hoblot was quick to dodge the blast. He raised his Ura and a bright blast struck the young Nat. The young Nat fell dead on the ground, blackened by the blast. Lord Hoblot turned and walked over to the older Nat who was trying to crawl away. He pointed his Ura at him, and without thinking sent a huge blast on the man’s back.

Oguine Precious

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