Story: The Keepers 8

The Nats and their wands…
A blast of green…
A shield of blue

Episode 8

The hills of Hagrid overlooked the Temple of Keepers and the villages that surrounds it. It was one of the hills exposed to Nat wanderers who plied the hills in search of Keepers who had wandered far. But since the treaty between the Keepers and the Nat king, very few Nats paraded the hills. The ones who did were referred to as the break laws.

Lord Hoblot or rather, the Signage moved slowly down the hills. He had spent all night ascending the hill and now, he was descending, slowly but carefully. He knew how tired the body was, but he was determined not to stop till he reached the villages close to the Temple. He was succeeding, little by little. The more time Lord Hoblot spends in his memories, the more time he had to penetrate his mind.

He found the Lord’s mind fascinating. The darkness Lord Hoblot kept was indeed more than any he had uncovered in his past victims. He was sure Lord Hoblot knew where the crystal was. Having stayed in his mind for a long time, and having possessed his body, he knew somewhere in the darkness of his mind, the crystal lay.

The body was feeling hungry and he could feel the legs getting tired. But he wasn’t stopping, not until he reached the villages.
As he made his way away from thick vegetaions that were on top of the hills, he thought he heard something in the bushes around him. He turned and looked around. He could smell them, the Nats, they had been trailing him since he started descending the hills. He had forgotten how killing Lord Hoblot was important to them when he took the way of the hills, but, it wasn’t too late. Perhaps, it was time to face them, and who knows, they might be holding provisions. He smiled at the thought of that. If the men were stocked with provisions, then there would be no need to stop at the villages down the hill.

He listened as they got closer. ‘There would be at least two of them,’ he thought to himself.
“Hoblot,” his voice was piercing as he woke Hoblot from his dream of memories.
“We are about to face the Nats,” he announced. He did that just to poke Lord Hoblot, knowing full well that it was the body that would take the biggest hit. “I want you awake so that you could see this.” He laughed as he spoke. He turned back in time to see a young man approach him from behind. The young man was about the age of Biden, Lord Hoblot’s student. He held a tiny wand in his right hand.
“Young Nat. Aren’t you scared of running around the hills alone.”
“He is not alone.” An older man said from behind. Lord Hoblot turned to look at the man. He was taller and much more matured than the young Nat.
“I see,” Lord Hoblot smiled as he studied the man. Apart from the wand the man carried on his left hand, he also carried a pouch made from animal skin around his shoulder.
“I smell fish and I’m fermished. This body needs feeding.” He said, now frowning at the older man.
“Lord Hoblot, it’s been a long time since we saw each other, I presume you still remember me? ” the older man asked. There was a large scare on his face and he pointed it at it as he spoke.

The Signage recoiled. He stared at the man for some time as he searched Lord Hoblot’s mind for answers to who the man was. He was frustrated that despite possessing Lord Hoblot’s body, he was finding it difficult to control his memories.
“He did that to you?” Lord Hoblot asked.
“He…” the man repeated angrily.
“Sorry, I did that to you? That must have been painful.” Lord Hoblot commented. The man shot him and angry look and raised his wand.
“For a long time Hoblot, I have waited for revenge. I can’t believe you stepped out of your tower.”
“You should have paid me a visit instead. It was getting boring so I decided to step out.” Lord Hoblot joked. The man didn’t smile. He had a frown on his face and his wand was raised in a ready position.
“I am here for revenge, and I have a better weapon at that.”
“Well I would like to see what your weapon is made of. I won’t have problem taking you out,” Lord Hoblot replied immediately.
“Well let’s see how you would fare against the two of us,” the younger man who had been quite said. He raised his wand and fired a green blast at Lord Hoblot.

Oguine Precious

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