Story: The Keepers 7

He was back, in his darkness. He was back to where it all started…

Episode 7

Lord Hoblot stood up slowly from where he lay close to a dead Nat soldier. He picked up his Ura and staggered backwards. His head hurts but his sight wasn’t damaged. He still had enough strength to make his way towards the temple hall. The stamping boots of approaching Nats soldiers filled the air and he slide into one of the dark walkways for cover.

“Lord Hoblot, is that you?” a voice called in the dark. He turned and made his Ura glow a little. It was Lord Dorblot. He was wounded somewhere in his head as dried blood plastered his face.
“Yes, it’s me.” Lord Hoblot answered.
“Those bloody Nats, they got me on the head with that staff of theirs.” Lord Dorblot said and winced in pain.

“Their staffs are inferior when compared to our Ura. It’s just that their numbers give them strength.” Lord Hoblot answered. Lord Dorblot laughed and coughed at the same time.
“I heard the witches of Asrel made the staffs for them.” Lord Dorblot spoke with difficulty.
“Those witches,” Lord Hoblot giggled. “They do not respect the magic they carry. Give magic to a mere man and see what he can do.”
Lord Dorblot laughed. He stood forward and leaned on his Ura. “I wonder when men began to challenge their gods. The Nats through the weapons of the witches have grown powerful and…” He stopped when they heard the Nats approaching the walkway.

“We have to defend this point. The two of us can hold them off. You build the shield and I fire.” Lord Hoblot suggested. Lord Dorblot agreed and the two Lords stood at the tiny and narrow walkway. The first Nat approached and immediately, Lord Hoblot fired a bright red blast from his Ura. It hit the Nat on the shoulder and the man came crushing to the ground. Next, about five Nats rushed into the walkway shooting small balls of fire but Lord Dorblot’s blue shield held their fires off. When the men took positions in the dark, Lord Dorblot let the shield down so that Lord Hoblot could fire at the men.
“There are two men on our flanks. They won’t expect you to fire, so as before, when you want to raise a shield, fire instead at the one on the left.” Lord Hoblot whispered to Lord Dorblot who nodded in return. He let down the shield and allowed Lord Hoblot to fire his blast at the Nat on the right. But instead of putting up the shield when Lord Hoblot retreated, Lord Dorblot fired instead at the Nat on the left, killing him with a blast to the chest. Lord Hoblot quickly made a shield to protect the exposed Lord Dorblot.

“We make a great team,” Lord Dorblot smiled weirdly. They shot at the Nats and switched positions till they overpowered them.
“It’s clear now, we have to press forward towards the archway. That’s the only way we can push them out of the Temple….” Lord Dorblot voice now sounded distant. A moment passed and Lord Hoblot found himself walking up the hills of Hagrid, and even though he was lost in a dark prison, he knew the destination the occupant of his body was headed. And even though he tried desperately hard to push the Signage away from his mind, he felt it pushing hard, painfully trying to take over his mind.

“Welcome back Hoblot,” that familiar voice said again. “We are on our way to the Temple of Keepers.” Lord Hoblot could feel his face smile.

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