Story: The Keepers 6

Yield… Yield…
THE devil’s calling,
Yield Yield,
He whispers

Episode 6

He saw it happen, and just when he thought it was over, an opportunity presented itself. He saw a gap and he slide into it. He knew it bore risks, but for certain, Lord Hoblot was worth the risk.

He had forgotten about the Lord until his name was mentioned during the gatherings of Lords. He heard his name and he was certainly certain Lord Hoblot knew where the crystal was. Now he occupied his mind and controlled the Lord’s body, he couldn’t help but feel the darkness Hoblot has been hiding for years.

He saw Hoblot mistakes and regrets, and he could not believe he shared a place in Hoblot’s history. He now had a plan and no one would suspect him. It was perfect in the sense that Lord Hoblot should be the villain and he, would once again prove to be the hero. Once he has searched Lord Hoblot’s mind for the crystal, and found it, he would destroy the Signage. After all, he was the one who conjured it.

He smiled in the darkness, soon, he would feel the crystal with his hands, and allow its power to pass through him. He would acquire more power than he ever thought, and a taste of immortality. He stood up from the tiny stood he sat on in front of his screen and laughed at the darkness. Lord Hoblot was certainly a worthy foe, and now, he found use not only of Lord Hoblot’s mind, but of his body and Ura. But something now bothered him. He stopped laughing and sat on the stool, his eyes fixed on the screen.
“He yielded too quickly,” he spoke quietly to himself.
“I expected him to fight back. I expected a tougher challenge.” He felt unsatisfied with his success.
‘No.’ His thoughts whispered to him. ‘He did it for love. For the love of his student, Biden and for Salome.’

He was beginning to find solace in the comforting words his thoughts whispered to him when something hit him. Since the Signage possessed Lord Hoblot, he was yet to access all Lord Hoblot kept in his mind. It was as though Lord Hoblot intentionally blocked him out. He smiled again. He has never tried using the Signage to possess a Lord, but he feels there was no difference. ‘Soon,’ he smiled to himself. ‘It wouldn’t be just me after you, it would be the whole order of Keepers.’

Biden opened his eyes. Thick smoke covered the hall and he could hardly make out anything. What he clearly saw was the bright light of Lord Hoblot’s Ura move past him towards the door. He wanted to call after him but he was weak. He closed his eyes and allowed darkness engulf him.

To be continued…

Oguine Precious

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