Story: The Keepers 4

Time ran too slow, his breath was shaky, and he knew he was exhausted. He watched Biden closely, waiting and hoping the young man fights his demons

Episode 4

The heat smeared Lord Hoblot’s face but his sea blue shield held. Salome duck behind him and Lord Hoblot could feel her trembling hands hold on to his robe. Biden stopped firing but still maintained a aim at Lord Hoblot.

“Biden, what has come over you?” Lord Hoblot asked as soon as the shield disappeared.
“Where is the crystal?”
“You are not Biden,” Lord Hoblot answered almost immediately. He squeezed his wet palm around his Ura.
“I can see that your shield is powerful enough to hold me back, impressive. But I also know that you are getting tired and the shield has taken much strength from you. How long can you keep up with that shield?” Biden boasted.

“Who are you and what have you done with Biden?” Lord Hoblot asked. It was true that he was getting tired, he had faced so many enemies in the past, but nothing has drained his strength the way Biden’s Ura has. His hands were already shaking and it took a great deal of disguise to hide them from the monster that stood in front of him.

“You don’t need to know who I am. You just have to tell me where the crystal is.” Biden answered. He took some steps forward towards the window and Lord Hoblot could see his eyes. It was dark and there was something else… He saw Biden’s eyes and it was as though the young man was chained, bounded to something he does not know… Something he now knew. It could only be a Signage.

“She stays, perhaps I could use her.”
“You dare not,” Lord Hoblot blazed with anger. The tip of his staff brightened and for a moment it looked like he would fire. But he held still. Lord Hoblot knew it was impossible to reason with a Signage. He also knew it would take more than his sheld to save himself and Salome, and there was one thought he had been trying so hard to push away from his mind, the decision he had to make on whether to fight Biden or not.

“Who sent you?” he pointed his Ura at Biden.
“You can’t shoot at me,” Biden laughed. “You would be shooting at this body, and I know you wouldn’t want to lose your student,” Biden continued.
“I have no crystal, I was banished from the order of Keepers.”
“But that’s not what I think.” Biden smiled as he now traced the frame of the window with his left hand.
“Let the woman go, she has nothing to do with this.”
Biden laughed briefly. He eyed Salome for some time.

Oguine Precious

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