Story: The Keepers 10

In his prison of memories, he saw the light… a pathway to his freedom, but what is freedom if it is full of uncertainty?

Episode 10

Even though he was locked up in his memories, caged in a cell of darkness and magic, he knew it would only take a moment for him to see his salvation. The Signage had succeeded in subduing him and taking over his body, but his years of experience had thought his mind to block out attempts of invasion by mere instinct.

When he was young, his father had put him through one of the most rigorous test a keeper could pass through. Naturally his father Rufus, was a mind reader, a special gift that had since ran in their bloodline. His father had taught him how to resist a mind reader. He had since applied those teachings unconsciously against the Signage.

But one terrible mistake the Signage made ever since he took possession of him was the frequent tap out from the world of his memories. In his memories, everything seemed real, like though he was in another world, reliving his past life; there, a man could easily get lost and not make out the difference between what is real and what is not, between what is memory and what is happen in real time.

The Signage had a habit of calling him back from the world of his memories to truant him and poke him. When these calls becomes excessive, one may finally understand the difference between the world of memories and the real world. He was now aware that he was heading to the Temple of Keepers to help a Lord find the crystal, he was aware that he just fought off two Nats with their dangerous weapons, and now, as his Ura sends a blast unto a Nat’s back, he sees what he’s been hoping for.

When the connection was made, he saw that the Lord who possessed him did so by channeling his Ura as a pathway to his body, now, he also sees the pathway – a chain of light linking all the way to the Temple of Keepers where the Lord who controlled the Signage had come from. A foolish mistake on the part of the Signage and its master. All he had to do was to get into the light and free himself from the world of his memories.

He closed his eyes and saw himself reaching for the light. It took all the strength from him but he reached it. The light brightened and blinded him. But when he opened them, he found himself seated on a stool inside a chamber at the Temple of Keepers. He was holding a Ura that wasn’t his. He stood up slowly and turned to face a mirror that was hanged on the wall. Lord Hoblot eyes widened. He was at the Temple of Keepers, but he was there in Lord Banash’s body.

Oguine Precious

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