Story: Her Husband’s Heroine 3


She could feel her head banging as fear gut her. What could have made Christopher come to pick her up from work? The question she could not provide an answer to began to eat her up.
Her troubled mind suddenly cooled down as she heaved a sigh of relief. It must not have been something bad, she concluded when she noticed the smile on Christopher’s face. She could see his upper teeth outside as he called out to her.
“Susan.” he called calmly, smiling. He kept staring at Susan, expecting her to come over to the car. “Come inside, Dave is not coming.” he invited her in.
Susan walked slowly to the other side of the car as Christopher helped open the door from inside. He smiled as Susan had a seat beside him.
“Where is my husband?” Susan asked still looking unsatisfied with the pleasant look on Christopher’s face. An explanation was all she needed at the moment and not a smile.
Christopher looked into her face. He could sense fear in her voice. He noticed the smile he was putting on had disappeared from his face, so he quickly forced it back. He could not afford to make unnecessary mistakes. He took his eyes off her looking at the staring while Susan kept her gaze on him.
“He is just a bit busy with some office work.” Christopher quickly said. He raised his head up to confirm if his explanation was enough to convince Susan with the smile. He was however disappointed to find Susan unconvinced. Again, the smile faded immediately. “We should go now.” he ignited the engines running the car into the road.
“If he is busy at work, why are you not with him?” Susan questioned after giving his statement a good thought for some seconds.
“I was actually with him but he was tired and had to go home. I told him I was going to pick you up and he was alright with it.” Christopher tried to explain himself gesticulating.
“I kept trying his number but he didn’t pick up. Maybe it is on silent.” Susan voiced out,” Susan spilled unconsciously.
Christopher tried to steal a glance at her, satisfied he was able to convince her. It reminded him of the old days when they were still in school before she suddenly became close to Dave. They had met during a praise concert in their hundred level days. Dave had invited him to the praise concert. He had caught Susan’s face and although he had no ulterior motive whatsoever, he could not resist staring at her as she sang wonderfully.
He had met with Dave to pour out his mind to him but Dave was unwilling to help him. He had noticed Dave was also interested in her but he was ready to fight for what he wanted. He had gone ahead on his own after a GNS lecture which was a compulsory course for his department and Susan’s.
He intentionally sat beside her and fortunately, Susan was not with her manual that faithful day. He decided to share his manual with her till the end of the class. He asked for her phone number before they left the hall and escorted she and her friends out.
He noticed the unhappy look on Dave’s face but did not care since he was not man enough to go after what he wanted. He pretended he did not notice anything, especially since they were not the closest of friends.
Christopher pulled over in front of Dave’s apartment. He stopped Susan from alighting, looking out through the windscreen with a strong grip on Susan’s arm. Susan turned back slowly, wondering why he had her held down. He looked at his hairy hand.
“What is the meaning of this?” She asked, feeling irritated.
She could not imagine he could lay his hand on her again after the warning he gave him years back. Although they were already friends, Christopher had tried caressing her right in her room in school.
She had stopped him and warned him she would not take such a thing from him. She had pretended it never happened after that day until Christopher repeated it few weeks later.
“He is not at home. I lied to you.” Christopher said with bitterness. His voice went sour and Susan could notice the serious look on his face.
Susan stared at him as tears rolled down her cheeks. She didn’t know what happened but she was sure it was something terrible. She relaxed back in the car confused on what to do next.
“Tell me what is happening.” She demanded, all soaked in tears.
“I was just to tell you.”


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