Story: Her Husband’s Heroine 2

Episode 2

Susan was done attending to customers for the day but she and her colleagues had to stay behind to sort things out before closing for the day. There was a lady seated beside Susan; dark, slim, without earrings and makeover. Most of the workers called her an SU maybe because of her style of dressing and spirituality. She never missed any of the morning prayers, fellowships the Christian workers of the bank held.
Susan kept stealing glances at her. The lady was more focused on the files she was arranging, undisturbed by the jokes one of the male bankers who was done with his job was cracking.
“Diana,” Susan whispered her name faintly so that only she could hear. “I want to see you for something private. It is important and urgent.” she continued after Diana had faced her. She thought it would be best if she discussed the problem her family is facing with someone spiritual like Diana.
Diana had nodded and pretended along. She was the only one who would speak in tongues during workers’ prayers, she would always come to the office with her Bible in her purse, and she claimed to see visions about her colleagues as well.
Both of them were done with the day’s job. Susan waited patiently for Diana to pack up her things. She gave Susan a signal which indicated they were good to go as the two of them stood up almost at the same time.
“Are you two leaving already?” the young man cracking the jokes asked.
“I want to visit the restroom” Susan quickly answered.
“Same here.” Diana answered too, scratching her neatly plaited hair carefully.
Susan kept the surprised look immediately Diana answered. She looked up staring into her eyes. Diana noticed the gaze but pretended she was not looking. She walked out of the room carefully followed by Susan. She was tall and dark, the wind if too wild would lift her up in the air because of her body size.
“Why were you staring at me? You couldn’t believe I would lie?” Diana spilled, looking back to have eye contact with Susan as they walked along the corridor.
“No.” Susan quickly denied it.
“That is what my spirit tells me. Well, it is not a lie. We are actually heading for the restroom.” Diana insisted leading the way. She refused to look in Susan’s direction this time around.
“I am sorry.” Susan apologized, rolling her eyes up in disappointment. She wondered why the spirit only decided to reside in a few people. Maybe because they consecrated themselves for his use. She followed as they entered the restroom. Fortunately, it was empty.
“What is it that you wanted to say?” Diana asked looking all concerned. Her eyes were opened as she seemed very interested.
Susan looked up staring at her. She suddenly became uncomfortable narrating her story to her. It must be the devil’s plot to deny her of a solution, she thought before talking.
Together, they had said a word of prayer as Diana assured her all would be well.
Susan was outside waiting for Dave to pick her up from work. She had been waiting for over an hour, but Dave failed to show up. It was unlike Dave to come late to pick her except during emergencies and he would have called to notify her.
Susan kept trying his phone number but he was not picking. This started to get her worried. What if something has happened to her husband and she did not know? What if one of their family members had died? What if her mother is dead and Dave is scared to break the news to her? All these were thoughts that ran through her mind.
The bank had been locked and she was made to stay outside the gate. She wished it were that easy to get a cab that would take her home but considering the distance, she was sure she would never get a straight ride. The whole place was getting dark and she was unable to catch the sight of their car. Something was definitely wrong, she thought.
Just as she decided to walk down a bit, a car suddenly pulled over in front of her. She recognized the car but it did not belong to her husband. Why is he here? She asked herself.

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8 thoughts on “Story: Her Husband’s Heroine 2

  1. Can’t wait for the 3rd episode
    Could it be Christipher that came to pick her up ?

    And what did Dave really see the at the office ??

    Nice twist in the plot 👌👌

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