Story: Her Husband’s Heroine 7

Her Husband’s Heroine 7 – Continuation

Susan was surprised to find nothing on Christopher’s roof. But Dave told her two birds were always waiting for him to open the curtains every morning. She looked confused and bothered. Could it be her husband was only seeing them in his imaginations? Could it be that the birds never existed? Maybe Dave was really going mad, she concluded taking her seat on the bare tiles.

Many thoughts drove in into her mind. How would she cope if Dave eventually ran mad? She would be referred to the wife of the mad man, she thought. Just then, her eyes caught the hands on the wall clock. She was running late for work already.

She had thought she would be early to work since her husband was not around but everywhere was clear enough, a shred of evidence the sun had risen. She didn’t know her she got up from the floor, dashed into the bathroom just to be out of the house within fifteen minutes.


As usual, as Susan approached the gate, she noticed her colleagues’ cars were all parked in the compound. The gateman looked surprised as he opened the gate. That would be the first time he would see Susan drive. Out of anxiety, he signaled to her to wind down the glass which she did with a broad smile.

“Pele o omo mi, oko re nko (My daughter, what of your husband)?” he asked, looking at the backseat of the car like he would find him there.

“Kolo ibi ise leni ni (He did not go to work today).” she responded giving the old man a convincing smile.

“Oda na (it is okay).” the old man said backing off as Susan winded up the glass, finding herself a suitable place to park the car.

Susan walked into the bank like she used to do, trying not to show the world her fears. She however noticed the look on the staff faces. Although they tried to greet her well, she could perceive something was wrong. She kept walking towards her department, hoping to find an answer to what the problem was.

She entered the room slowly, trying to read through her colleagues face. They did not quickly notice her presence as they kept talking. Although she couldn’t catch a word of everything they were talking about, she was shocked to find Diana very much participating in whatever they were discussing.

Diana was the first to notice her. The word in her mouth faded away immediately she set her eyes on Susan. She noticed the disturbance on Susan’s face and could tell she didn’t grasp any part of their conversation. The whole room went quiet suddenly.

“What is happening here? What are you people talking about?” Susan asked looking all confused. She knew whatever it was they were discussing was about her. The only thing that came to mind was that she could have been fired. Maybe a sack letter was waiting on her desk.

“Susan.” Diana quickly called out smiling. “How are you doing?” she asked further as if nothing was going on.

Susan’s fear at that moment disappeared. She was sure it was no sack letter but something entirely different since her partner was smiling. She walked to her table looking into everybody’s face. She refused to sit down.

“Good morning. You look beautiful this morning.” the young comedian in their midst greeted, trying to change the topic. “Good morning.” her other colleagues greeted.

“The gate would be opened to customers soon. We better get the necessary arrangements done.” Diana who used to be very quiet started sounding like the boss.

“You missed today’s morning prayer.” she said audibly, abstaining to look at Susan’s direction.

“hunhun.” Vikky chuckled. She was known to be the black sheep of the whole staff working in the bank.

Susan looked at her, wondering what was funny. She sat in her seat gently, yearning to find out whatever it was.

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