Story: Her Husband’s Heroine 6


Continuation – Her Husband’s Heroine

“Okay. So, your husband is going through a phase that we don’t understand yet, but it seems your house is not a conducive place to stay for him right now. I’m sorry to tell you, but he’s losing his mind. He’s running…”

“Crazy.” Susan cut the old doctor short lowering her gaze in sorrow.

The doctor nodded his head in affirmation to the completion of his statement made by Susan.

“Whatever is responsible for his condition is as a result of the pace where you reside.” the old man went ahead to explain. “As I said earlier, he would be discharged tomorrow or next tomorrow.”

“Can’t we just keep him here till he is perfectly okay?” Susan who was scared of what could happen to her husband’s condition asked. She sure knew their house was not the best place to have him.

“I’m sorry, but it would be possible. We have to let him go.” the doctor answered. There was a slight crack in his voice as he spoke. “This is beyond our power but you can always take him somewhere safe.” he explained.

He would have loved to ask her what things her husband was passing through before the incident but he was uncomfortable with the presence of Christopher, especially the way he stared. He prayed he had a chance to speak privately with Susan. He needed more information about the case of her husband but as long as Christopher showed up in the picture, he would never say anything relevant.

“I’m sorry but I have to attend to some other things now.” the doctor said standing to his feet. He watched them lift their bodies straight to the ground and walking out of his door as Christopher held Susan close in his arms and comforting her. The old man gave a funny sigh before helping himself out of his door.


Just as they got outside the hospital, they found the woman whose son had an accident displaying. She was all mad as she went shouting and crying all over the compound. Susan and Christopher looked up, aware of what had incited her ugly display. The two of them could feel her sorrow and heaviness of heart.

Susan couldn’t stop herself. She allowed the tears to run down freely. Christopher was confused, as he could not tell which of the incidents that triggered the tears.

“You would soon cry your balls out. Let’s leave from here.” Christopher said pulling her away into the car. He got in immediately as he drove off. Susan kept staring as the security men tried to get a hold of the woman. “Your husband needs you strong!” Christopher didn’t know when he exclaimed.

He looked at himself but he was not going to apologize for sating that. Susan needed to be talked some sense into. “One of you must be mentally sound to take care of the other. Dave is down and you’re down! You’re not helping the situation at all.” Christopher continued, praying he was making some sense.

Susan kept staring at Christopher. His words seemed to be having great effects on her as she wiped her tears. She held to Christopher’s hand tightly which was resting on the gear.


It took a miracle for Susan to find sleep but even in her sleep, she was restless. She kept seeing her husband falling in a pit but every time he fell into it, she woke up. The night was definitely the most terrible night in all her life and although she had hoped to call her manager to explain things to him and get the day off work, she saw more reason why she must be at work. She had to see Diana!

She got up from bed, got her touch, and walked to the parlor. It was the exact time her husband used to go to the parlor to have the curtains open. Their car was parked outside the house by Christopher and she would have no reason to be the first to get to work as usual. She knew her colleagues would ask questions about why she came with the car to work but she had cooked up something delicious to feed and satisfy their questions.

Slowly, she walked to the parlor to have a glimpse of what the evil birds looked like. She did not want to see them but a force kept pulling her. She was no longer in control of her kegs as she danced to the beat of the force. Maybe it was just her eagerness to see what they actually look like, she thought.

“grrr…” the curtain metals made a noise.

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