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“Madam, calm down. He will be fine.” the doctor tried to calm Susan down. He looked short and old and had a Stethoscope hanged around his neck.

How is my husband doing?” Susan asked before the doctor could close the door behind him. She kept staring at the doctor and Dave, switching her gaze

“He will be fine? What about his ability to talk?” Susan who could not believe what was coming from the doctor asked. Her husband was dumb and the doctor said he would be alright. Was she supposed to give in to the fact that her husband will not be able to speak again, this coiled in her head.

Christopher kept staring at Susan as she displayed. He would have loved to hold her shoulders to calm her down but not when Dave could sit. Not just yet. He sank his buttocks into the empty bed beside Dave.

“Madam, you need to be patient.” the doctor said softly. “His ability to talk will be restored very soon. This is just temporary. ” he tried to assure her as he walked past her towards the patient to check for his heartbeat.

Susan remained speechless, not because she got the doctor’s message wrong but the joy that again, she would hear her husband speak.

“His heartbeat his okay. He should be released soon, but you need to allow him rest now. It is night and you should excuse him.” the doctor said, facing Susan and Christopher.

He walked towards the door but before he could twist the knot, he turned back.

“Madam, can we see in private?” he said having a look that implied the situation was a serious one. He jammed the door as he disappeared. At that moment, Susan’s mind began to skip again. It was as though her heart wanted to escape from its base.

She quickly walked back to her husband’s bed to rub his head. All Dave could do was to stare. He wanted to tell her not to go but he didn’t have the voice. He knew he could make do of other alternative means but he didn’t want to be selfish. She would be needed at her place if work the following day.

“I’ll be here again to see you tomorrow morning.” Susan promised with tears in her eyes. She kissed his forehead before giving Christopher who had remained silent all along a signal. Christopher got up, looked into Dave’s eyes before exiting the room together with Susan.


“The doctor said that he needs to speak with me. I’m scared.” Susan confessed at the other side of the door. She kept having flashes of the seriousness on the doctor’s face in her head.

“My dear.” Christopher spilled. He could not believe he just made the mistake of calling her ‘dear’. He was scared Susan would react to it but she didn’t. “Evetything would be fine. Just go see the doctor.” he continued.

“Please, go with me.” Susan requested, looking up into Christopher’s face. She could see the unwillingness in his eyes. “Are you going to leave me to face all these by myself?” She asked.

“No…” Christopher quickly denied. “I don’t just want to be embarrassed. He said it clearly that it is you he wants to see, maybe it is something I shouldn’t know about.” Christopher quickly explained himself.

“Just come with me.” Susan pleaded. She wasn’t sure she would be able to stand whatever the doctor had to say alone. It must be something serious for the doctor to want to see her in his office, she thought.


“You asked to see me.” Susan said appearing with Christopher in the doctor’s office.

The office was big enough to contain two hundred people. Up on the wall at the back of the doctor’s seat was the President’s, Governor’s and the doctor’s pictures. The office was beautiful compared to the other offices in some other hospitals.

“But I said I wanted to see you.” the doctor looked up, looking at Christopher.

Christopher wanted to excuse himself but was pulled back by Susan.

“He is my husband’s friend and our neighbour.” Susan explained to the old man.

“He can stay if you insist.”

“I insist.”

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