Story: Her Husband’s Heroine 4


“He went unconscious this morning when he entered his office. The secretary says he gave a loud scream few seconds after he entered.” Christopher continued.

“Where is he now?” She asked, still sobbing. She felt like biting Christopher for not telling her earlier but again, she understood what he was trying to do. “We took him to the hospital immediately.” he raised his head and watched as she wept. He would have embraced her to reduce her anxiety but he did not know what to expect from her. “Take me there.” Susan crossed her arms as numerous thoughts ran through her mind. Diana’s statement however gave her a bit of comfort.

The hospital was busy as people walked in and out. There was a young boy who was rushed into the premises with an ambulance. Some nurses were stationed at the entrance to take him in. Susan and Christopher who were just alighting watched as the stretcher was pushed into the hospital quickly.

They must have doubted the young boy’s survival because of the extent of his injury. One of his arms was gone and his face was disfigured and stained with blood. A woman who seemed to be the mother ran after them crying. She was not well dressed and nobody could blame her for that considering the situation she had found herself.

Even though Susan was in the hospital to see her unconscious husband, she still felt pity for the ill-dressed woman. In her heart, she prayed the boy survived the accident.

“Let’s go inside now.” Christopher who noticed she was already carried away by what she saw said as he led the way into the hospital.

Susan had stopped crying when they were still in the car. Christopher had summoned the courage to hold her left hand with his right hand to comfort her. He had helped her wipe the tears on her face with the gentle and encouraging words that escaped from his mouth.

“Good evening” Christopher greeted the waiting nurse. “Good evening.” the waiting nurse greeted back. She wore a blue uniform and had some registers piled up on her desk. “How may I be of help to you?” she asked further. One could tell she was exhausted already. “Don’t you recognize me?” Christopher asked looking surprised. “Oh… Sorry about that. You brought the patient in ward 023. You can go inside to see him now.” the waiting nurse said with a smile on her face. “Has he woken up?” Susan quickly asked.

The waiting nurse needed not to be told who she was. The smile on her face disappeared as she prepared to release the bomb.

“Yes, but he has lost his ability to speak,” she said sadly.

Susan stared before bursting into tears. Nobody could hear her cry except for Christopher who was beside her. Christopher bent his head in disappointment as he removed his glasses to rub his eyes.

“You should see the doctor for other necessary details.” the waiting nurse said, as she continued with what she was doing. “Let’s go and see him now.” Susan said walking towards the ward. Christopher quickly got in front of her leading the way to ward 023.

An oxygen mask was placed on Dave’s nose as he stared into the air. A drip was also placed beside him, which was running through his body system.

“Dear.” Susan called out affectionately. She didn’t forget what the nurse said but she wanted him to reply. Her eyes were red and filled with tears.

Susan and Christopher entered the room slowly. Susan stared at her husband in disbelief. The last time he saw him, he was in a suit but he was putting on a Johnny gown. Christopher stood behind her also staring from afar.

They both walked towards him dragging their feet gently on the ground.

Dave stared, unable to open his mouth. Tears ran down his face not because he couldn’t speak but because he could feel his wife’s pain.

The moment reminded Christopher of the time he tried caressing Susan again after she had given him a stern warning but because he could not control himself, he had tried something greater at another time.

School activities were over for the semester and people were already traveling to reunite with their families. Susan was the only one left in her hostel. She had told Christopher she would be traveling the following day, but Christopher had suggested he visited to see her that evening since they may not have an opportunity to see the next day.

He saw it as an opportunity as he tried to take advantage of the moment. Susan’s hostel was situated somewhere far from other hostels and no matter how she screamed, nobody would hear her.

Unfortunately for Christopher, Dave who was also coming to Susan’s place heard her scream and ran his way inside before he could have his way into her.

Dave had given him the beating of his life that day while Susan remained on her bed crying. After feeling fulfilled, Dave joined Susan on the bed, consoling her as tears rolled down his face too.

Christopher had quickly leaped away after a long stare at the two of them.
Susan’s and Christopher looked in the direction of the door as the door opened wide.


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