Six to Six (2)


The outlandish knocks and noises all of a sudden woke Daniel, who was fast asleep, as he jumped to his feet. He almost had a heart-attack. Sayo also ran to meet him in the parlor.
“Bro, they are here.” She announced to him out of fear.
“Who are here?”
“Can’t you hear the noises and knocks? The girls and some boys are the ones at the gate.”
She explained out of fear.”
“Are you serious? Did you see them?” He asked, gripped by fear.
“Bro, I already checked through my room’s window. I could see their heads dancing outside the house.”
“How many of them?”
He asked, as the noise grew wilder.
“I don’t know. Come and check yourself.”
They both ran inside to check.
Daniel confirmed what his sister told him with his own eyes, and thought of putting the blame on Sayo, but changed his mind, seeing how undisturbed she looked. He walked up and down the room, thinking of how he would tackle the situation, but, nothing was coming forth. The boys were shouting he and his sister should come outside, while the girls stood some distance away watching. They didn’t mind if the parents were around or not.

“Let us go and meet them before they jump over the fence into the compound and end up damaging some things.”
Sayo advised.
“That is a stupid idea I will not buy. Those people I am looking at are desperate.”
Daniel replied sharply, thinking of what to do.
“What do we do now?”
Sayo cried as Daniel watched her in surprise. He did not know Sayo could cry. That was not the time to discuss that, he thought as tapped his fingers.
“Yes! Dele.” He shouted.
Dele was popularly known in the whole area, and had once been nationally appreciated for his bravery at a time the Nation was almost in disarray. Many people mistook him for a bad boy, and feared him. There was a time a man in his late twenties who turned out to be a tout. He harassed people in the night. He had been arrested many times, but bailed out.
In no time, he had followers, and as each day passed by, they increased in number. They formed a cult, and posed as a threat not just to the area, but even to the whole city. Danger, as he was popularly called, with his boys, started growing stronger and stronger. He was no longer the guy the police could easily capture. Whenever they terrorized any area, the rate at which the policemen died, was thrice the group members that died, and every of his members was ready to lay his\her life down for that of Danger. He was indeed dangerous.
It came to a point, that whenever Danger walked in the streets, everybody gets caught up in fear, and run for their dear lives. The police out of fear had been careful with him.

Then, there came a day Danger all alone was on the street in the area, and as usual, caused avoke. As at this time, he was already a national threat. The people started screaming “Danger!” as everybody took to their heels. The businessmen and businesswomen left their businesses, running for safety. Fortunately, Dele too was on the street that day. He was the fearless type, and as he walked up the street, watching the people running, and Danger who was busy enjoying the scenario walked down. Danger sighted him from afar, but thought he was going to disappear, as he drew nearer.
Dele proved Danger wrong, as he walked towards him with confidence. He was about walking pass Danger, when Danger pushed him back angrily, asking him if he didn’t recognize him. Dele had refused to reply him, but reminded him the street was meant for everyone’s use and that was how it resulted into a fight between the two.

Dele was far bigger than Danger, but a bit shorter. Dele was having the upper hand, as he was being encouraged by some people who had the nerves to watch the fight. After making sure he had been weak, Dele requested for something to bind the terrorist. The people quickly got him a chain and a padlock from a shop, whose owner ran away, abandoning the shop. They threw it to him from afar of. Dele chained and locked his hands behind his back. He immediately walked him down to the police station, which was about two miles away. But before he got to the station, the police already got the report, as they met him on the way, and headed for the airport immediately to fly him out of town, so he wouldn’t get a chance to get away. Though his parents were not happy with it, the whole community made him their hero.

Few minutes after the incident, Danger’s cult members were out disturbing the whole city, as they shot spontaneously. The police found it easy to withstand them, as many of them were also captured. Dele was summoned by the senate at the capital of the country, and there he was given a National award. That made Dele popular, especially in his area. In no time, he was forgotten by the public except for those in his community.

“That is the best solution.”
“What will Dele do if he gets here?”
“Perhaps, his presence can scare them away.”
Dele was Daniel’s classmate, during his secondary school education. He, Sayo, Dele and Dele’s only sister went to school together.
“Please, do that fast.” She said, managing to wipe out the tears from her face.
Daniel rushed to the sitting room, where he left his phone. He dialed Dele’s number, and while it was ringing, he walked back into Sayo’s room. Sayo was busy peeping.
“Is he coming?” Sayo asked as Daniel ended the call.
“He is. I already explained things to him as well. My only prayer now is that those things do not get in before he arrives. He said he is coming with some friends of his.”
“That is nice. It is not like I really beat the girl oh. I just slapped her twice, and when she tried slapping me, I pushed her to her sister. That was all.”
“Beating is beating. Were there no boys there, when you were there?”
“Not at all.”
Both kept discussing, while peeping through the window, expecting Dele’s arrival.
Five minutes after the call, Dele was not still around. Daniel sat on the bed, while Sayo was busy chirping.
“Bro, they are trying to jump through the fence.” She called Daniel’s attention. Daniel jumped up from the bed, but there was something new to behold. Just as they were trying to scale the fence, Dele showed up with some other boys. Daniel’s mind was at rest, as that of Sayo, as they hoped for a positive result. They all talked for some time, the confusion crept in and there was noise everywhere.

Disappointment was written all over Daniel’s face. He thought the boys would have ran away at the sight of Dele but it was glaring they were trying to defend their egos in front of the two beautiful girls. The next time they checked outside, they found out all the boys were into the bush, cutting canes. Daniel’s plan ruined, as they started wiping themselves.
“Bro, it has just worsened. What do we do now?”
“Nothing. Just make sure you stay indoors, while I join in the fight. I can’t sit here and watch other people fight my battle.”
“Have you gone crazy or something?” Sayo asked unconsciously.
“Once I am out, just lock the door and you can continue peeping from here.”
“Are you sure you want to do this?” Sayo asked in double fear.
“I will be okay.” He promised, as he visited the store to remove a stick from the mop Mrs. Johnson just bought, hoping it would not break.


As Daniel drew nearer to the gate, fear gripped him as he paused just in front of the gate breathing heavily.
“One, Two, Three.” He counted as he dashed out of the gate, giving the stick a firm grip. He was still breathing heavily even at the scene, when a boy ran towards him. He hastily hit him on the head, checked the stick if it was still intact. He hoped the stick didn’t break.
Mrs. Johnson just bought the mop and in their house, they lunch things on Sunday. It was the mother’s culture and the family had bought it. The fight continued, as Daniel was enjoying it. Others were using tiny canes, while he was using a mopping stick. While fighting, Daniel was still busy stealing a glance of the girl who slapped him. The girls looked frightened, as they just stood still, watching the fight. Dele and Daniel collided with their backs, both waiting for the next prey.
“Thanks for coming bro. I really appreciate. I never expected it to turn out this way, but here we are. I am sincerely sorry for causing you all these troubles.” Daniel said checking out for who would get a stroke.
“No problems bro. what are friends for? I actually was expecting something of this kind.”
Two of the boys ran towards the both of them, and they separated to pounce on them. Dele didn’t have many problems. He just had to hit a boy two to three times to have him down. He had also got flogged thrice from the back. The last guy was huge. After dele had dealt with him, he thought Daniel would be easy to get down, as he rushed towards him. Daniel got intimidated by his size, and he almost dropped the stick, but it was too late, he was right in front him. He didn’t know how he did it but he found the boy on the ground, holding his forehead in pain. He looked all around, but all the opponents were down. They all faced the girls as they stood together.

“Are we beating the girls too?” A boy asked. Daniel wanted to shout ‘no’, but remembered he was not in the position to answer.
“Girls? I don’t beat girls. Let us free them.” Dele replied the boy, and Daniel looked satisfied.
The girls were stucked to the ground; as they didn’t know what next to do with their party all on the ground in agony. Everybody stood still, as if they were paused by a remote. They could hear the siren whirling. Everybody including the ones on the ground ran for safety, as Daniel helped Dele and his friends run into the compound, locking it. They heard the boys being caught outside together with the girls.
They remained at the back of the gate, trying to catch their breath. They thought of who could have reported the case to the police, but no idea was coming forth. The sound of the siren faded, as they stood up from where they were hiding. For two minutes, none of them could talk, but breath, soaked with sweat.
“I am sorry for all I caused you guys. I will be right back. I want to return this stick inside.” Daniel spoke up entering into the house as others watched him. He could not believe what was happening to him. He was feeling guilty of everything and hoped he was dreaming. It was a black Saturday for him. Just as he got to the store, Sayo cornered him weeping. She saw how the police chased after the boys and everything. She knew her brother was in a bigger trouble.
“You should have just called the police prior to this
time.” She cried.
“Why didn’t you mention that before and do you have the police number?” he asked her, but the girl had no reply. She just kept weeping.
“Everything will be alright.” He said promised her. He felt like blaming her for everything but that was not the solution. “I must go meet the boys outside.”He forcefully removed his sister’s hands and went away. She continued weeping.
“We concluded already we are going to the station to report ourselves. Are you in support?” Dele said just as Daniel approached.
“Sure.” Daniel hurriedly gave his support even though he was not in support but he thought he was not in the position to make decisions. The other boys were silent. It seemed they all already accepted what reality brought their way.
“Shall we before they come looking for us.” Dele announced. Every one of them lazily got to their feet. They found it hard to believing what was happening to them.
“Sorry, i have to let my sister know where we are going.” Daniel announced generally.
“She is going with us. She is involved, isn’t she? I guess you understand now.” Dele replied.
“Sure. Let me get her to prepare in that case.” He went back inside. “Sayo, they concluded we will walk down to the station to report ourselves.” He announced.
“Seriously? You think it is a good idea?” She looked up.
“There’s no time for that now. Prepare, you are following us. We will be waiting outside.” He left without Sayo giving a reply. Sayo was confused but thought it was okay. She wanted everything to stop and thought it was best they ended it that way.
“She will be here soon.” Daniel announced to the boys. In no time, Sayo joined them outside.
“Hi.” She managed to smile to the boys. She figured out none of them was interested in her smile.
“how are you?” dele spoke up.
“I am fine.”

“It is time.” Dele announced. He was playing the leadership role. Daniel locked both the door and the gate behind them, as they trekked down following a rough path, so as not to be busted before they reported themselves. “we are saying the truth. Nobody should tell a lie.” Dele announced on their way.
Everyone of them believed they would be forgiven, since Dele was one of them.

On getting to the station, which took them about ten minutes, they were stopped at the reception room. They reported they were there to see the D.P.O. and the D.P.O. had allowed them into his office. They were not surprised to see their opponents in his office. The small room was full and suffocating.
“Dele, i am disappointed in you, was the first statement in the room after they had entered.
“We are sorry sir. We never had the intention of starting a fight. I am sure they must have told you their story, but the truth is that we only wanted to chat with them. They didn’t even allow us talk. They were childish in their act sir and they started the fight.” He looked at the group of boys expecting them to argue, but he noticed they were all scared to their pants.
“Is that true?” the DPO faced the boys, directing the question to them. They all remained silent. “i will take that to be a yes. So, you all gathered together to fight for your girlfriends. Are you all planning to have the two of them? Who amongst you guys did this girl slap? He pointed at the one who slapped Daniel?
“I am the one sir.” Daniel answered, his fac down. He was expecting more from the DPO but he didn’t.
“Hmmm… you know what, it is getting dark already and i would not like your parents to start looking for you. In the same manner, I don’t want to have you guys locked up here till day break. What i want from you now is to go outside now, and get everything resolved. I am giving you seven minutes. Your time starts now.” The DPO said as they all walked out of his office.

Getting outside, they all shook hands. They had some conversation going on in the background a little of argument. John had drawn his sister to a corner.
“Sis, you will apologize to that girl.” He ordered.
“And why is that? See, if she doesn’t say sorry to you, forget about it.” she made it clear to her brother, Daniel. Daniel knew the type of girl she was.
“Another thing, that girl and i, we need to talk.” He returned back to where the argument was still going on and pulled the one who slapped her out.
“We need to talk.” He told her as they went to another corner. Daniel observed she had a kind of look on her face like a shy look. She liked him too, he concluded.
“I want to believe we are the reason for this whole issue. I mean myself, you, and probably, my sister. I don’t know, but hmmm.” He found it difficult to say sorry. “Yeah, I am sorry for not being sure it was the person i thought it was before attempting covering her face. Forgive me, but i was so sure at that moment. I really didn’t deserve a slap there, but it was what I got.” He began to sound offended.
“And what did you do? You sent your younger sister to come and avenge for you.” She said annoyingly.
‘That is not true. You have to understand. I didn’t want her know I was slapped. It sounds embarrassing, but she figured out I was slapped. My cheek was red. So, are you trying to ….. your action?”
“Oh.” She laughed wickedly. “No. I was considering coming to your place to apologize, when your sister showed up.”
“yes. I am sorry anyways. I wished all this never happened.
“But I am happy all this happened. The good thing about it is that we got to know each other.” He smiled.

“Are you for real now?” she laughed. “I must admit I am happy meeting you, but I wish it was not this way. I am Dele.” She smiled, handing a handshake to Daniel.
“Wow. Nice name. That’s my friend’s name.
“The one there? Everybody knows his story.” she said pointing at Dele.
“Yes.” Daniel did not bother looking at the person she pointed to. He knew he was the popular guy. “I am delighted to know you. I am Daniel.” He handed her his hand with a smile. “Sayo, come here.” He called his sister who happened to have been watching from a distance.
“Here is my sister, Sayo.” He announced as soon as Sayo got to the spot they were standing.
“Hmm… I am sorry for what happened the other time.” Sayo managed to apologize. Just after Sayo mentioned that, Daniel’s cell phone rang. It was a message from Bimpe. Daniel quickly withdrew a little. He prayed she sent him a no. He opened the message, which read thus;
“Daniel, I want you to know you are a great guy every lady would adore. I didn’t tell you I am having a boyfriend already, and that is because I was considering leaving him for you, but I don’t think it is the proper thing to do. I am sorry I cannot say yes. I wish I could.”
Jide was happy with what he read. Excitement filled his face. He looked up and found both Dele and Sayo smiling.
“We have to go now. I can see you already sorted things out.” He said, as they all faced the other boys, who were smiling too.
“Looks like the three of you had it all sorted out. Good for you.” Dele shouted from afar. “We are down by six minutes already.”
“Yes, we did bro. You will not believe it, but she bears your name too.” Daniel shouted back.
“Wow. We will talk about that later.” Dele answered, facing the female Dele with a smile on his face. “We need to get back now. The DPO would be mad. They all rushed back into the DPO’s office.
“I watched and listened to some of your conversations. Good for you. So, are we good?” the DPO asked as they were rushing in.
“Yes sir.” They chorused.
“Looks like our cells would not be overcrowded by teenagers tonight. You would not need to write any statement.”
“Thanks sir.” They chorused happily.
“You are welcome.” He said picking his telephone. “I released those kids already. Let them go.” He put the phone down. “you all may leave my office now. I am hot already.”
“Thank you sir.” That was the chorus as they all rushed out happily.
Daniel was so happy. He checked his wrist and it was 6:00pm dab. His parents would be home soon, he thought. He knew the neighbors would tell them about the fight. He started to think of how he will explain things to them. He was still happy anyways.

                                The End


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