Two (2) dangerous and wrong reasons why people do not share their pains

Relationship is simply having someone you are connected to around you and the purpose of having this person is for companionship. But based on the facts that there is no much understanding about the goals of a relationship, one of the matters that needs to be addressed is the wrong reasons why people do not share their pains with their partners.

We must come to realize that there is more to a relationship than just having someone around, You should understand that you have various needs in each other’s life to meet even beyond finance but most importantly emotionally.

You should therefore check these wrong reasons why people do not share their pain with their partner and ensure you are not guilty just for the sake of a healthy and peaceful relationship.

As earlier stated, we will be talking about sharing your pain or worries with your partner. Many people give excuses or reasons consciously or unconsciously for not doing this which is wrong. You must therefore endeavor to question your acts most times especially when you decide to hide your pain from your partner and by doing this, you can find one of these excuses as an answer to it.

Communication is an  important aspect of a relationship that cannot be overemphasized. Of course we spoke about appreciating your partner and as well opening up when you are displeased but that is not all about communication. It also involves sharing all that happens to you including your pains and worries with your partner.

We’ve also spoken about not keeping secrets, we need to iron out these issues one after the other because we don’t want to assume this particular discussion under any of the aforementioned categories.

Reason being that you might not have the intention of keeping it a secret but rather hide under the umbrella of the excuses we will be discussing today, that is; “wrong reasons why people do not share their pains with their partners”.

You should learn to share your pain with your partner. Most men are guilty of this even though some women also are, but men tend to form James Bond the more. Now let’s look into the common wrong reasons why people do not share their pains with their partner.

One of the common wrong reasons why people do not share their pains with their partners is the thought of not wanting to bother your partner

Wrong reasons why people do not share their pains
One of the wrong reasons why people do not share their pains with their partners is the thought of not wanting to bother them

Some people are fond of saying that they don’t want to bother or burden their partner. I’m aware of this and it sounds quite reasonable but it doesn’t work that way. Who do you want to talk to if not your partner? Who should encourage you? If you cannot call on your partner when you are not happy then who?

The funny thing is that some people have close friends they prefer to talk to rather than their partner. You must come to realize that your partner is the only person that should know everything about you. He or she should be your best friend, the first person you relate everything to, you are not bothering him or her, that is why you are for one another.

You should be available to encourage one another when things are not cool as much as you will be celebrating together when it becomes rossy.

If you are in a correct relationship, you should know that your partner wants the best for you, your burden is his or hers, hence you shouldn’t second guess sharing whatsoever is going on with you with him or her.

You shouldn’t  think you are bothering your partner because you are not even expected to start a relationship with someone who cares less or care not about you. There are many things to consider before starting a relationship and for those who have started, learn to make things the right way.

There is this old mentality you must get rid of and it is thinking that your partner has got nothing to offer in such a situation. This is common to men having that thought about their woman. Well, you should not move with someone that has nothing to offer you. Women are not as weak as men think, in fact they are strong only if you are ready to explore their strength.

You might also be asking about situations whereby you are very much aware they have no solution to that particular problem. Have you heard about this common saying which says a problem shared is half solved. Also you must be aware that her words of comfort and her prayers are priceless.

The other wrong reason why people do not share their pains with their partner is the fear of being vulnerable

There are various wrong reasons why people do not share their pains with their partners, and the other one is that Some people are scared of being vulnerable, you might be thinking what relevance does this have with sharing your pain with your partner. Remember I said that these reasons can be given consciously or unconsciously but it happens.

Some people are scared of their partners taking advantage of their situation and thereby keeping whatever is bothering them to themselves acting like nothing is wrong. Well, if you are scared of being vulnerable if you should share your problem with your partner, then the relationship is not a healthy one and could be dangerous.

Background can also be responsible for this. Your upcoming might have shaped your mentality but learn to open up for a new beginning with the best picture you can imagine. Don’t be a prisoner of your past.

In conclusion, you might be saying that your partner does not act this way, hence you are not in for something like this in your relationship. You must know that  change begins with you. And if you are wondering you should change, it is for a healthy relationship.

Be careful not to practice any of the wrong reasons why people do not share their pains with their partners, you deserve the best, then work towards it.

The past generations had issues in their marriages because they were not able to learn things like this or maybe they felt matters like this did not matter. I’m sure you want the best, then be open to what will be helpful to you and don’t be rigid. The best is surely yours.

Have a nice time!


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