Sad Story: The World Thinnest Woman – Read How She Became This Way!


Sometimes, you just need to go in front of the mirror and appreciate the way God has created you. These days, many are bent on body shaming you just because they are not happy with your happiness. Most times, they do this out of envy but you wouldn’t know. They make you to start thinking of things you can do to have “the perfect shape”.

This is the story of this beautiful lady who unfortunately ended up believing the lies of her school colleagues. Valeria Levitin was told by other teenage girls at school that she was ” too fat”. Her mother was also one of her problems. Since she was a young girl, her mother woyld always tell her she was scared she might end up becoming obese. This really got into her head she promised herself to get back at these teasers by losing weight.

At the age of 19, Valeria went into full dieting. Since her mother was scared her daughter would become very fat, she also gave her full support. According to Valeria, the trick was working as she started to lose weight.

She finally got “the perfect shape” she needed, but she still wanted more!
At this point, concerned friends and family started to warn her against the idea of losing more weight. They told her she might develop anorexia. She continued dieting until it got out of control. At the age of 23, Valeria ended up developing anorexia, an eating disorder.

Valeria is now 39, and she has stopped seeing specialists since her condition never got better even after having several sessions with over 10 specialists. She can no longer take some certain foods due to her illness. She does not even know what bread tastes like anymore. Aside the fact that she can no longer take certain foods, she described her life as lonely. Relationship for her us impossible since she cannot do what couples do.

One thing that is funny to Valeria is the constant mails she gets from teenagers and new adults who ask her for tips on how to lose weight. According to Valeria, her story is supposed to teach young girls to accept their looks and prevent them from committing the same error.


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