Relationship: Should You Hide Secrets From Your Partner


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Welcome to a new episode of relationship talk on Naija Interest, the blog that is so interested in you and hence making provisions for your personal growth and development. This we want to achieve by always putting in a lot of effort to talk about what is happening in our immediate environment and challenges or mistakes that occur between two partners in a relationship.

I enjoin you to sit back while we interact together.

Having known the purpose of this write-up, I want to bring to your notice what we will be considering today which is What Secrets Should Be Hidden From Your Partner?

Relationships these days are what we just do for doing sake, or it is what youths are eager to do without aim or purpose. We fail to ask ourselves why we really want to do it. Is it peer pressure, show off, infatuation, and the likes? Are you wondering what the relevance of these questions has to do with our discussion? Well, a popular saying states that if the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Many of us do not have the correct definition of relationship.

Simply, a relationship is having an intimate connection with someone, and to be intimate means familiarity or friendship. Hence, understanding that a good level of friendship and familiarity is what makes up a relationship will help in perspective to things.

But then, I’m still talking about friendship, what has that got to do with those secrets to be hidden from one another as partners? Well, being in a relationship should have nothing to do with one’s life, or what do you think? Why must he or she know everything about me including my past or my personal life, that’s too extreme. But come to think of it, a relationship is being intimate with someone, I’m not talking about s3x oooo. Your partner should know virtually everything about you irrespective. There are a lot of reasons for this and we will be discussing a few in this article.

      Sometimes, someone that is jealous might just leak what you have with him or her to your partner and remember nothing is totally a secret. Someone might know about it or will definitely know about it and how do you handle that? This fellow might not even have the intention to hurt you or to ruin your relationship but out of their own carelessness, they let out what they know about you which eventually leaks to your partner. Now, I’m wondering how you’re going to handle that because he or she is going to be very disappointed in you.

You might actually be wondering how awkward it is to let out such a secret to your partner but it will be worse if someone else had done that.  There is this secret we don’t know about secrets,  They feel too heavy or they sound too heavy to let out but the listener or the audience does not take it seriously as you hold it dearly.  I’m telling you, if your partner gets to know about it somehow other than hearing it from you, it is going to ruin your relationship more than how you think you’ve kept it. And by then you will start making reference to your sacrifices, but this is also a matter of life and death my dear because they are no longer sure if they are safe with you.

Also,  you might be having a challenge or the other that you are not even the cause but it is as a result of natural occurrences or accidents which leave damages behind. You might be thinking it’s too much to share because it is great even to the extent that it is capable of making people run away from you. But mind you, irrespective of what has happened to you even when you’ve shared it in your past relationships, it will be more harmful if your partner should find out elsewhere or later on because what you think you’ve built may collapse. The mystery is just that the partner that is meant for you will not run away because of your problem or your past as long as you’ve genuinely repented. You will be surprised to know that in most cases, when one thinks it’s over, there will always be a way out and maybe it’s someone that you are hiding from that will help you. This might be too late if he or she should find out on his/her own. It will not only be late to render the help but that which you’ve been building on lies will also collapse.

In summary, there are no secrets to be hidden in relationships, open up early no matter what, don’t run from heartbreaks only to have it broken beyond repair. Most importantly, pray for direction and perfection, I wish you the very best in your relationships.

Have you experienced this at all, maybe you opened up to your partner and it bounced back on you or it worked out well, you can do well to share your experience with us and let’s learn from you.

With this, we’ve come to the end of today’s talk and I hope you’ve been able to pick one lesson or the other from this write-up and I hope you find it applicable. Thanks for your time, please don’t forget to drop your comment in the comment section and share. See you next time and do well to stay safe.


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  1. Wow
    Thanks for this post, it’s really enlightening. It’s always hard to open up but I’ve come to realize that it is the best thing to do.

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