Relationship: What Do You Need To Do Next After A Breakup?


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Quickly to the main topic of the day: How Do You Handle a Breakup?
If I’d be speaking to you out of experience, then I’d confess breakups can be painful. Breakup hurts from the head to the heart. Some of us might have had the opportunity to break people’s hearts (lol), and some of us might have had people break our hearts (this is not so funny).
Breakups are heartbreaks and if not handled properly, they could result in some other weird things. Many of you would agree with me that breakup is not a book and pen thing. It is actually more than what you can take up your pen to write. A victim of a breakup may just never comprehend it.
However, breakups are not nice for the mental health. Breakup affects the whole of you. Every individual who truly has committed himself/herself to a relationship should feel the pain if ever a breakup comes up. But when the breakup happens, you don’t have to let it break you. It will hurt you, but if you’re not careful enough, it may end up breaking you – and this may result into other things that are unpalatable.
The question of the day: what next after a breakup?
Like I said earlier on, a breakup breaks the heart. But should it destroy you? I understand the fact that you’re pained but if you’d ever get to have your life back, then “you must look outside the box of pain”.
Right, you know you’re pained! There’s no doubt about that. But come to think of it; how is your partner doing? Is he/she feeling the same thing you are feeling? It is a very wrong ideology to believe there’s only one person meant for you (really?). You deserve more than you caging yourself in the act of something which no longer exists.
I’m not saying you should hate your ex for whatever reason. It might not have been easy for him/her to have broken up with you. The necessity might have just come up. Don’t think I’m crazy, but there are times when you need to let go especially when you know in your heart of heart what you feel for the other person isn’t love.
Many make the mistake of going into relationships thinking that they love the individual. It is after such a person has won the heart of the individual he/she discovers he had made the wrong decision. Aside this, there are other things responsible for breakups, which are genuine.
In a situation like this one, you need to stick to the fact that it is over. It is not easy but it is something you must do for your own well-being. The other person keeps enjoying life if at all anything happens to you (God forbid).

A person who still loves you would not break up with you except the need arises like genotype mismatch and the rest of it. It is not easy to even break up with people. You should feel the person has released you from what never existed, should stop existing or has stopped existing. I don’t know if the word ‘grateful’ sounds okay but permit me to use it anyways. You should be grateful to God the person broke up instead of making you wasting your time.
If such a relationship where the two partners don’t feel the genuine love leads to marriage, then it could be very dangerous. Dangerous in the sense that they don’t enjoy each other. The values and essences of marriage are missing in such homes.
This is why you should accept reality quickly. You don’t need to waste years believing you’d never love anybody except the fellow. This is a total lie. You have not found the right person for you and you’re already giving up on love? Come on, there’s somebody out there who is meant for you. Somebody who would love you more than he/she loves himself!
But it depends on you: if you’ll ever find the person. The person may be right there and you wouldn’t know because you have decided not to let go of the past. You have allowed obsession blind you from seeing the wonderful future that lays ahead of you.
You will wish you never quarreled or let the pain get into your head after the right person has been sent your way. Life is not as wicked as many think. They themselves have molded their lives that way.
This leads us to our topic for tomorrow: WHAT NEXT??
Now that you’re free from the grief or regret and pain, what do you do next? Many things!! Visit again tomorrow as we look into this amazing topic.
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The topic for tomorrow: What You Need To Do After You’re Set Loosed
Do you need to rush into another relationship? Do you take your time? For how long do you need to relax? These are a few things we will be discussing tomorrow.
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing with us and also reminding us that there’s life after a breakup.
    I look forward to reading the next post.

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