Motivational: You Are Not An Accident


You are not an accident

You are not an accident

It’s a bright day!!!
Thank God for life. I’d like to share a story with you.


“Gloria, you are a special child. I know things are not going well now but very soon, all things will change for the better. These turbulent times will pass…..”
I watched as Mama mi continues genuflecting with her hands as she talked. She is the only woman I have come to accept and love after the death of my biological mother. But do I have a choice? She is my only relative and my paternal grandmother.
She brought me up like her own daughter. Many often thought she was my mother because of The striking resemblance.
I gave her the name, ‘Mama Mi’ which means My mother. She is very lovable but the only thing I found frustrating about Mama Mi is her boring and sentimental speech…..
“Gloria, Gloria”, She shouted, bringing me back to reality.
” What’s wrong with you, this girl? I was talking to you and your mind wandered off like a lost sheep.” She continued.

” No Mama, I was listening to you”, I said trying to feign genuineness.
But she didn’t seem satisfied.
“I was listening to you!” she mimicked me.
” So what did I say last?” She asked.
“Erm, Erm, you said I have to repeat the class the second time,” I said, rubbing my head at the same time.
“You see your life. This is the exact reason why your teachers are complaining about you. Your mind is always roaming around like God’s eye. What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing mama, ” I said, pouting my lips.
“Fine, let me continue. This time around, you must listen well. I said you are not an Accident, And you are not a Failure, “
“But mama, what if I’m not an accident but a fatal accident, ” I said.
“Will you let me finish? Adults speak first.”
“I’m sorry ma.”

“I know you were asked to repeat Junior Secondary School 2 for the second time. Yes, I know your mum died when you were only 10 years old. Of course, I know your Papa left you with me and married another woman. Oh yes, it’s true you have dyslexia. But do you know with all these, you are not an Accident?”

“But how, mama?”
“Good question. Who created You?” She asked.
“God,” I replied.
“Do you know that everything He created is good and beautiful? Yes, my dear. He knew you even before your parents gave birth to you. He knows your name and He also knows about your problems.”
“Wow!! For real?” I exclaimed.
Mama continued, “Yes, Gloria. There is nothing that has happened or that is happening to you that God is not aware of. He allows some things for a reason “.
“Hmmmmm. I see, ” I said nodding in affirmation to what Mama was saying.
“You are not an accident. It was not by accident you were born. It’s not by accident that you have dyslexia. And it’s no accident that you are living with me. It’s for a Reason. One day, you will stand before the whole world and share your victory story of how you overcame your challenges. One day, all those who made a mockery of you will celebrate you. “

I blinked my eyes intermittently as I take in Mama’s words.
She continued, “Don’t look down on yourself and don’t let your mind be wary. You are not an Accident. You are Deliberate. You are a Success. You have within you all it takes to be successful. When you have the right mindset, things will start working out for you. So always remind yourself of this anytime you feel discouraged. Do you understand?”

“Thank you, mama. I love you so much. What can I do without you? Thanks.” I said.
I hugged mama and she smiles.

The story I just shared with you was 15 years ago and here I am today sharing my victory story with you, pupils of St Joseph Secondary School.
Though Mama is dead, her words still lives on. Today, I am a successful businesswoman married with two kids. I am also a motivational speaker. It wasn’t easy but I held onto the words of Mama and I was able to survive the challenges.
So my dearest, you are not an accident.

# fiction

I’m not a storyteller but I felt I should give you something different to read today.
I want you to learn from the story of Gloria.
It’s not a mistake or coincidence you are breathing.
Everything about you was planned by God. Everything. The color of your eyeballs, the color of your skin, your hair type, and every other feature was planned by God.
Regardless of the circumstances that surround your birth or who you are parents are, God had a plan when He was creating you.
God never makes my mistakes.
Nothing in your life is arbitrary.
He knows you, He formed, He carved you, He has a Great and Good Purpose for YOU. Begin to see yourself as the success that you are.

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Love you.

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  1. Hmmmnnnnnnn,
    It felt like you took a peep into my heart. Thank you for your evergreen words of value all time. I’m more than blessed!!! I’m a big fan.

    KUYE, you are not an accident! #ibelieve

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