Motivational: The Question of Identity; WHY AM I HERE?

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For some time now, I have been writing on the Questions of Identity. These are questions that propels you to do great things in life. They are questions that make you discover yourself and achieve great things.

You can read them up here

I’d like you to understand that a life without an Identity is meaningless.

So today, I want to share with you the second question of Identity.
The second question of Identity is, ‘WHY AM I HERE?’

My dear, Why are you where you are?
Are you in Ghana?
South Africa?
The United State of America?

Where are You?

Actually, I wasn’t really asking you about your physical or current location.

Why am I here?
This is a question to know your placement or where you stand in life.
It’s a question to identify the purpose why you are alive.

So many people on earth live their life without a conscious evaluation of how far they have come or how far they still have to go.

Do you know why you are here?

Asking yourself this question will help you determine your next line of action in life.
It will get you back on track if you have missed your way in life or it will keep you on track.
It will create a self-awareness that you need to make a move in life.
It will tell you, ‘You are not where you are supposed to be, move.’
It will help you discover where you need to make changes and adjustments.

Why are you here?

My Special, you still have a long way to go.
You have to know why you were born, and why you are where you are now.

You wanna become somebody in life, You have to constantly ask yourself this question.

You wanna become a brand to be reckoned with, you’ve got to ask yourself this question.

You are here on earth for a purpose.
And you have to discover it before it is too late.

How can this question be answered?
Firstly, you will have to Interrogate yourself and point out what you’ve done so far with your life.
Then you have to realize that you are not in control.
No, you are not.
God is the reason why you are here.
He has a purpose for making you what you are today and what you should be.

My Dear, you have to ask Him again.
Yes, again.

He is never tired of you asking Him questions about your identity.
Also, you must realize that all you need to become someone in life is already embedded in you.
Yes, You!!!!

I’m going to see you at the top.

Your progress in life is my concern.
I love you.

Do well to share your views and don’t forget to comment.

Take care and see you some other time.

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