Growing up for me was quite challenging because I was trying to find my feet in the society.
I knew I had something in me but I couldn’t lay a finger on what it was.

I allowed what others say, feel, and, do be a determinate of who and what I became.

Society shaped and built my belief system.
I was told I can’t be anything except I be like them.
I was made to believe that if I don’t roll with the big guys, I might never make it in life.
The society painted me a luxurious future that only by compromising my values and dignity can get me.
The society…….


This is Fiction.
But it’s partly real.
Why is this real?

Because this is really the picture of the lives of so many youngsters. Probably You.
The world, the society and the social media made us believe that we have to fit in to make it.
They made us believe we have to follow their mode of dressing, manner of talking and ways of life.
No blame party.

Don’t get me wrong. You might have role models. But do you have a mind and voice of your own?

What many youngsters do not know is that some of these people on social media are actually living a fake life. Not all. Don’t misquote me. Abeg(Please).

But let me ask you this simple but mind provoking question, ‘WHO ARE YOU’?


Have you ever given this a thought that maybe you are actually living another man’s life and dreams?


The Question for Identity is a question for Directions.
They are Questions that will propel you towards destiny and fulfillment.
They are questions you need to ask yourself if you really want to amount to something in this world.

And the first on the list of the Question of Identity is; WHO AM I?

To answer the first question of Identity, you must understand that no one can or should impose their own identity on you.
No one.
Regardless of who they are.

We are all unique entities.
We are all born with gifts, talents, shapes, and personality that makes us different and beautiful. (There is beauty in uniqueness).

To answer this mind tasking 1st Question of Identity, I know only one way or how to answer it.

You wanna know how?

Let me think about it first.

Hmmmmm. Okay, fine. I will show you how but you must promise me that you will comment and also read other lovely write ups on the blog.

Cross your heart.

Alright, let me tell you this secret. But you must also promise me not to keep it to yourself. Share it with your friends.

The only way to know your identity in life is to ask God.
As simple as Naija Interest blog.

Yes, you read that right.

All you have to do is askkkkkkkkkk.

He is the manufacturer, the architect, the planner so He has the manual with Him.
Ask Him for it. He won’t hide it from you. I trust Him.

So if you want to become something in life, even a very special one, you must ask God to show you WHO YOU ARE, and WHO YOU SHOULD BE.

No one, No other person on earth is permitted to determine it for you.
God can use men o.
But you should never live another Man’s life.
You have your own life to live.
And trust me, your life is a spectacular and unique one. Very different and beautiful than others.
Find your uniqueness in GOD.

This is going to be a series. Watch out for Part 2!!!
Were you blessed?
What are your views?

Did you also have a tough time trying to blend into the society?
Let’s hear it in the comment box.

Love you.
And see you next time.

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