Motivational: Questions of Identity; Where Am I Going?



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Let me give you a gist.
One day, I saw a little girl walking aimlessly along my street. She was a pretty little girl about the age of 10.
She looked lost but at the same time, she looked focused.
I moved closer with the aim of trying to help.
Then I asked her, ‘My dear, you seem lost. Where are you going?’
‘I don’t know’. She replied with a sense of confidence.
‘How come you are walking all alone without a destination in mind?’ I said, sounding like her elder sister.
“I don’t know where I am going but I know I will get there somehow”. She said with finality in her words.

My heart hurts at the thought of this girl in this fictional story losing her way.
But I feel even worse because like this girl, many are in the world without a destination in mind.

Third Questions of Identity: Where Are you going?

This question is the last question of Identity.
You can read the post on the other questions

The first question is not enough to find meaning in life.
You mustn’t stop at the second question too.
You have to continue asking yourself questions that motivate and propel you towards dreams actualization and purpose fulfillment.

I must emphasize here that, when you find your identity, your purpose will be found and when your purpose in life is found, your life becomes Meaningful.
Or better put this way, Finding your identity is finding purpose, and finding purpose is finding meaning to life.


Do you get the concept now?

There is no other pursuit in life that is more valuable than the pursuit of your Identity and Purpose.
You were created for a purpose.
You were created for a reason.
Greatness resides in you.
There is something in you that makes you Special.
There is something in you that makes you Unique.

Knowing your purpose is not enough but fulfilling it is important. This is where the third question comes in.
The third question is a question that deals with the HOW of fulfilling purpose.

  1. Who will benefit from my Purpose?
  1. What is the range, duration, or time my purpose will serve?
  2. Where can my purpose serve effectively?

Where Are you going?

Always have a destination in mind so that you won’t get lost.
Don’t be like the little girl who was adamant about going her way without a destination in mind.
And she was not ready to ask for help.

The Good news about Purpose is this, you can always ask for the way.
Don’t be an island.
You are surrounded with all the resources you need to fulfill a purpose.
You have God, you have those ahead of you to guide you in the way.
Never can you lose your way when you ask.

However, the 1st question and 2nd Question must be dealt with first. Then, the 3rd question becomes easier.
Note: These questions are not the final answers to finding purpose but they are good ways to start.

I hope this has been a good read.
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