Motivational: Questions of Identity; What Is Your Identity?


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Two days ago, I spoke on the 1st Question of Identity; Who am I?
But I feel I really didn’t establish the point of ‘Identity’ and the importance of having an identity.

Let’s take a stroll to the ‘Land of Identity.’

Shall we????????


Merriam Webster dictionary defined it as who someone is, the qualities, beliefs that makes a particular person or group different from others.

Lola’s pen dictionary(lol) defines Identity as a Brand or Label peculiar to an individual.

The Brand of Coke is different from the Brand of Pepsi.
There was an argument among some of my friends that Coke tasted just like Pepsi.
Hell no.

Here is a gift to lovers of soft drinks.

It might taste similar but that doesn’t make them the same.
Johnny Drille’s music is different from that of Adekunle Gold. (I can’t believe I’m using that analogy)

Identity is far more than your make up or Personality. They are factors that influence it though.
You may be an introverted person, I’m introverted too but that doesn’t make us look the same.

Some Musicians understood the Concept of Identity and that is why they thrive in their industry.

Identity is what makes you stand out.

Identity won’t stiffen life out of you. Because you are real.
Identity is what people will forever know you for.
Michael Jackson is still remembered till today because of his identity.
There are a lot of female musicians, but have you ever wondered why Kardi B or Nicki Minaj or Beyonce stand out?

What is your Identity?

Let me give you a scenario:
Sandra is a beautiful Lady. She is what you will call, ‘beauty with brains’. She was given admission to study Medicine in one of the prestigious colleges in the Country.
Ella was also admitted to the same college as Sandra. They both were given an Identity Card (School I.D card).
Ella grew fond of Sandra. And she wanted to be like her. She dropped her I.D card because she felt it was useless and less valuable.
She preferred Sandra I.D.
She took Sandra I.D, did a photocopy of it, laminated it, and started using it.

What a story!!
Ella lost her Identity when she took Sandra’s identity which she felt was much better than hers.

This is what is going on in our world today.
We neglect our uniqueness and try to become somebody else.

Be you. Be yourself.

In Conclusion, I wouldn’t want to overrule the fact that some circumstances can affect our identity.
Like our Environment, friends, illnesses, or deformity.
But I don’t want you to live that way.
Not any longer.
It’s time to take over your Brand.

And to know what your Identity is read the post here.

Just a little exercise for you. It’s a Self Evaluation Test.
This will really help you a lot.

On a piece of paper, ask yourself the following questions:
~Who Am I?
~What are My Likes?
~Who do others say I am?
~What are those things that have influenced my views and my life.
Just noting it down would cause an awareness of your-self and a mind shift.
Try it out, it works.

Your views and comment will be greatly appreciated.
Let’s hear it in the comment box.
You have any question, I’m all yours.

Love you.

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