Key Things To Inspire You Do Good To Others


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Before I take a step further to dish what I have on the table today, I’d love to take a moment to pause and say a big “thank you” for visiting the site and also taking your time to read my first blog entry yesterday. Thank you Guys, Tons of love to you all!!!

So, there’s this theory I think we are familiar with that “every cause has its effect”. In other words, every good that we graciously render to people around us always has a rebound back to us in a way we never thought was possible. ” Be your neighbor’s keeper” cannot be overemphasized. It’s a rule we should all strive to live by.

We need to face the reality that the world is aggressive, we cannot also be blind to the truth that good always outweighs the bad. Sometimes, the bad becomes the center of our focus, and we become agitated towards it that we lose sight of the good because it’s silent. when we engage in doing good through our deeds or words, we are in a way paving the door for our goodness.

Few weeks prior to now, I watched an Indian movie that perfectly fits into what I’m sharing with you now. In the movie JAI, a guy came up with the idea to help three people without accepting anything in return. He would instruct these three people to do the same to another three sets of people. When this chain continues to expand, a society was saved and a value was passed down to every individual to do good whenever the need arises. Please, kindly note that, I’m not in any way patronising them but it’s a great movie and I deem it fit to share. You should see it Guys!!!.

When you pursue this good cause to be your neighbors keeper, you gain a new outlook and it keeps you away from focusing on your own problem. Doing so, you are reminded that you are not the only being with piles of problem on your shoulder. That moment, you are graced the opportunity to appreciate life in a better view.

Here are some key things I believe you can do to show empathy to those around you. I hope you will benefit from them.

📍Let love be your signature wherever you go or find yourself.

📍Be generous to leave a good print with whoever you come across with. That is, leave them better than you met them.

📍Always stop to help when you sight a person in danger.

📍Always lend your voice and ears to people.

📍Teach someone a skill you are good at.

📍Be there for people to comfort them in a moment of grief.

📍Volunteer your time to donate for a cause.

📍Give out items such as gadgets, wears and accessories that are not in use.

I will put a stop here Guys. Don’t forget that your good action can make the world more habitable and a better place for you and me.

Ps_ Any day is a good day to show empathy to those who need it. I hope you will not hesitate when the need arises!!! Let’s join force and go out there doing GOOD. I’m rooting for you Influencers!

photo credit: Pinterest
photo credit: Pinterest

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  1. Do good to others daily. A little good can make a great change in the life of the recipient of the good. Never get weary in doing good. Thanks dear.

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