One (1) Effective Way To Exhibit Patience In Your Relationship


There are a lot of points I could mention when it comes to talking about what needs to be learnt when it comes to exercising patience especially in your relationship. But one thing is needed and every other will come in themselves. This is the most effective way to exhibit patience in your relationship.

Patience is a virtue you must inculcate in your relationship, just as said in the scriptures; love is patient. It is one of the characteristics of love you must imbibe for your relationship to survive and be healthy. Patience is also an important topic to be considered as individuals which will be of help to our daily life but as it is, we will be restricting our discussion to relationships.

Patience in relationships can simply be explained as the capacity to accept or tolerate flaws without becoming annoyed with your partner. It also means the ability to remain calm when dealing with an annoying person. This does not mean that your partner is an ever annoying person, all I’m saying is that at that moment when you need to exercise patience, it must be that your partner is annoying.

It would have been easier to learn to be patient with someone if you had grown up with that fellow, but in this case, it can be very difficult due to the fact that you are not seeing what you are used to coping with or what seems so normal to you, but rather something totally strange and weird and this makes it harder to cope with. And this is the reason we have to talk about this.

It is very common to deny things and very hard to accept them because we don’t take cognizance of their presence and repercussions. All we see is sudden clashes with no base. All I’m trying to say is that little things we overlook in relationships count.

Another challenge is that we really do not know which category these things belong to, hence we don’t get the chance to work on them until it affects us.

The most effective way to exhibit patience in your relationship is to know your partner.

Getting to know your partner so well is an effective way to exhibit patience in your relationship. You should know what has been part and parcel of him or her. You definitely have a different background, different school of thought, make sure you study and understand all of these about your partner.

This will help you to understand why he/she does those things that annoys you and the moment you understand this, you will definitely be able to tolerate him/her which will help you to exercise patience when needed.

You should not just take all time to study your partner, you should let him/her know everything about you. Reveal your true identity, your belief system and others. This will also help your partner to be cautious of their deeds when necessary whereby you don’t have to step on each other’s toes frequently such that you begin to look for patience to handle the matter.

It is not only in your hands to learn patience but you must also do something that will encourage your partner to be patient with you and that is why we call it the effective way to exhibit patience in your relationship. Patience is a virtue that must be possessed by the two parties.

Studying and getting to know your partner so well will help you to  know your partner’s flaws and how you should put up with them. Remember I said that you can’t change everything about your partner and some that could even be changed might take a lot of time.

As much as it is not healthy to put up with everything that irritates you and act like everything is fine even when it is not, you should not try to change everything about your partner because of it is not possible and the earlier you understand this the better.

Note that I’m not saying you should pile up what annoys you, of course it is dangerous and you know it, just as it was discussed previously in  things you must learn to communicate with your partner. Therefore, as much as you want to talk about what displeases you, you know, give a piece of your mind, tell your partner how you feel, you still need this virtue called patience to handle things perfectly.

Of course you can’t just start nagging, you can’t communicate that way  and even though you think you’ve made yourself clear, your partner can’t understand you that way. This is exactly what patience is all about, seeing what annoys you and not flaring up or overreacting, this eventually keeps things in check until you are able to talk about it and make things right. It will really go a long way, if you can adopt this effective way to exhibit patience in your relationship.

The importance of this is that it shows your partner that you value them and your relationship beyond faults and also teaches your partner to be patient with you. I mention this perhaps you are still wondering why we have to talk about the effective way to exhibit patience in your relationship.

Note: The level of your tolerance is proportional to your level of patience, and tolerating your partner will ensure peace in your relationship, hence you have a stronger bond in your relationship and I wish you the sweetest relationship ever.

It has been a pleasure to share some thoughts with you, I will appreciate it if you can also share yours via the comment section.
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