How To Properly Breakup

Welcome to today’s episode on breakup. We shall be talking about How To Properly Breakup. I’m glad to have you here once again and I hope you enjoy as you read.

The topic of the day: HOW TO PROPERLY BREAKUP

You may start thinking, but I said breakups are painful in one of my old write-ups. You may recollect I said that breakup breaks the other person’s heart and so on. It is true I stated these facts. But sometimes, a breakup has to happen.


In a situation where the relationship only brings agony, regret, shame, pain, etc, it is not wrong to breakup. This is breaking free!! You cannot continue to dwell in something that is not molding you but bringing you down.

Many people cling to their partners today because of the physical thing he/she has to offer like money, connection, etc. Some others remain in such a relationship out of pity for their partners. Wrong!!
You don’t because of what you enjoy, sell your soul to unhappiness. You must learn not to be dependent on anyone. You don’t stay in a relationship out of pity. These are the wrong choices to make.

The bottom line, any relationship that is full of conflicts rather than love is not good for your mental health. Break free on time. Your peace of mind is your own responsibility.

However, before you take this bold step, you must have tried your possible best to put the relationship on the right track. You don’t just break up like that. If it does not work, bow out honorably. But how do you go about this?

How to properly break up:

You must have made up your mind. You don’t plan to break up when your mind isn’t made up just yet. It is not easy to break up. You must summon the confidence to do this.

Call your partner, you two you should sit down and talk. Let him/her see the reason(s) why the both of you need the breakup. Don’t be too selfish to concentrate solely on yourself. This is you trying to help the two of you out and not just yourself.

It is okay when the two of you discuss before breaking up just like you did when the relationship started. It would be wrong if you stop picking calls, start giving attitude, or breaking up in the middle of a conflict.

This is why many people end up as enemies rather than friends. You don’t need to be an enemy of your ex for whatever reason. There are many people out there who believe they should never associate with their ex simply because he/she is their ex.

As far as your ex is not disturbing you about coming back, you should have no problem at all. You two were friends before the relationship, why should you end up as enemies after the relationship? Enmity is not needed at all.

Some times, it depends on how you two broke up. If you didn’t break up properly, it might result into enmity. But of course, you can quickly make adjustments. As long as you breathe, there’s always a chance to make things right.

You can discuss it with him/her on the phone and settle it the normal way. To every mistake, there’s a correction and a lesson.

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