How Many Relationships Prepares You For Marriage?


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Quickly into the topic of the day: How Many Relationships Prepare You For Marriage?

Many believe you must have gone through many relationships to prepare you for a “solid marriage”. There are others who think you would not know what you need in a relationship until you have had a taste of many. These teachings are very wrong.

Friends, you don’t need many relationships to know what exactly you want except you’re confused. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth. You don’t intentionally keep jumping from one relationship to another in an attempt to “gather experiences”. What experiences are you actually gathering; experiences of wealth, experiences of love or how to last with your partner?

Please, note that breakups are not learning grounds but relationships are. You don’t need numerous relationships to realize you’re mature for marriage and neither do you need them to know where you’re heading to.

A single relationship can give you all you want if at all you’re with the right person. Just a single relationship? Count yourself lucky if that single relationship leads to marriage. This is divine favour. But when you deliberately mishandle the favour because you think you need more “experiences”, then you may end up hurting yourself. It may take some time to find someone who would love you like that lady or man does after you have realized your mistake.

This jumping from man to man or lady to lady is not ideal. Do you even know you’re breaking someone’s heart? But of course, you don’t ever want to imagine your heart broken. As much as you don’t want your heart to be broken, try not to hurt other people. In addition, don’t take decisions that may end up hurting you.

There is this other set of people who don’t believe in a single relationship. This set of people believe they must have alternatives in case anything happens. They keep two to five relationships at a time. Wow!! Two to five? I must commend your effort and bravery if you fall in this category.

However, I’m sorry to disappoint you but that is not the best thing to do. It is not right. Apart from the fact that you are toying with other people’s delicate hearts, you’re not helping yourself to concentrate.

There is a saying that goes thus; he who chases two rats at a time may end up losing both. Just two? What about he who chases up to five? He/she might end up injuring/hurting himself/herself.

For those who are into something like this, you’ll concur most times you feel you’re doing your partners a favour. You don’t mind if any of them breaks up with you.

How do you even share your love equally amongst these ones? I’ve seen many people who trodded this part but most ended up playing themselves out. I can keep talking and talking about this but let me bring it to a conclusion here.

I want you to do one thing: put yourself in the shoes of those ladies or men. Tell me, how would yoy feel? Will you also feel great about being deceived because it is actually a deceit. For those who have been able to live right in their single-relationships, please continue. You’re actually growing and be reminded not to waste the opportunity.

For those who have numerous relationships, please also make adjustments. It is not about the number but how well you have been able to manage your relationship. This is a sign of how you would be able to manage your marriage. I’m sure you don’t plan to keep concubines.

Be faithful to your partner, give your relationship the best and if any conflict arises, try your very best to resolve the issue amicably. This lead to a new topic for another day: THE BEAUTY OF CONFLICTS IN RELATIONSHIPS.

Is any beauty attached to conflicts? Check back.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have learnt something today. Don’t forget to drop your opinions using the comment section and share with friends.

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9 thoughts on “How Many Relationships Prepares You For Marriage?

  1. 😂😂😂

    Is it job she is looking for.
    Even in the job. You can’t get an oil company job and then leave for another job because you want to have job experience.

    Once you are in the right relationship, it is enough.

    *The relationship is the learning ground not the breakup.*

    This is deep!

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