How Background Can Influence Your Relationship And One (1) Basic Thing To Do

Your background can simply be explained as the kind of family you come from. It is important to check how background can influence your relationship so as to do the needful where necessary.

Your background simply explains your upbringing, the kind of home you come from which is mostly responsible for your attitude, beliefs and the likes.

We should consider how background can influence your relationship. This is important because your background has a lot to do with what you see people do around you especially while you are growing, how they’ve handled their relationships, how home is being managed and so on.

Relationship wise, it is pertinent to know that you don’t have to be the person you used to be, I mean you should not be rigid when it comes to learning new things. You must therefore be opened to learning and unlearning.

This is important and should be taken seriously if you really desire to have a happy family. Remember a lot of people dream of a home that is heaven on earth but are not ready to make it happen.

The principle of a lovely relationship is that you have a part to take to make it happen as much as the God-factor should not be neglected. Nothing is magical and you must not also be ignorant of little things because they all matter.

Some people at any little thing will say this is how they are used to behaving, this is how they do in their house, and so on. You must come to realize that you are in for something new, different and unique. And you should remember that you can’t be doing the same thing and expect a different result.  

Some of the things you were exposed to while growing up are not right. Well they might not be totally wrong but you need to understand that every relationship has what works for them. Hence you shouldn’t be keen on doing what you were used to seeing.

How background can influence your relationship
How background can influence your relationship: There is a way your family background can influence your relationship and here is the basic thing to do to make things right

Study shows that only few of our parents got it all right, I mean have a true understanding of how marriage works and were able to make theirs work. If you are fortunate to be raised by any of these few ones, congratulations but if you are not, then you don’t have to allow your case to be the same.

I’m not in any way saying that you should discard what you’ve learnt so far from your parent or your guardian, just that they might not all be right as much as some will definitely be and remember every relationship have what works for them hence, open up to learning

One of the common wrong mentality that can  easily be influenced by backgrounds is “designating responsibilities”. I’m sure this point poses a lot of questions like asking shouldn’t there be a designation of responsibilities?

To answer this, I will say something I’m used to saying and it is understanding the purpose and the concept of your relationship as well as marriage. Of course every relationship should aim at getting married so we are still on track.

In respect to the point mentioned above, in order to make your relationship work, The only right thing to do is therefore understanding the concept of marriage and this you cannot do without the help of the One who established the marriage (GOD).

You should know that there is a standard from God for every home and the sole purpose is to help one another. Your partner is your “help meet”, hence don’t think it’s a must he or she gets a particular thing done.

We might not really be exposed to things like this but it is important to you learn to help one another in doing anything whatsoever. The partners should be available to assist one another in every aspect.

Having this mentality will not make you take your partner for granted. Rather you will see everything he or she does not as a right but a privilege. But not understanding this will only bring chaos in your relationship.

Some people believe that men should work and do the spending while women do all the work in the house just like a house help.

The unfortunate thing is that the woman will also end up working and still do all chores, and you will be claiming to be busy as if you are the only one that is working.

There is a thin line though and it is relieving your partner of anything you think he or she cannot cope with. All I’m just saying here is that you don’t see everything your partner does as your right or his/her responsibility.

It is important to talk about how background can influence your relationship and the right thing to do in order to make your relationship  because a lot of wrong things have become a norm today.
Your goal should be making your relationship work and have what you desired. And as you’ve learned how background can influence your relationship, you shouldn’t be a victim but an agent of change.


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