Her Husband’s Heroine 8


“We have heard everything. There’s nothing to hide anymore.” Vikky said rolling her eyes. She kept staring at Diana who was becoming uncomfortable.

Susan understood everything already. So the one who she thought was spirit-filled and was righteous enough to carry her burden was a snitch after all. But the fact that they only have the knowledge of her husband seeing the evil birds consoled her. She had the intention of telling Diana more after work; about the present development.

“Don’t mind her. She’s just blabbing, you know her quite alright.” Diana tried defending herself. Her hands were searching for the lost breeze at the back of her neck as faint sweats began to fume out from her forehead.

“Maybe you could have told the fellowship so that together, we would have prayed against every form of death. I want to believe it is not too late.” Vikky continued, undisturbed by the signals Diana was throwing at her.

“Everything is okay now.” Susan said forcing a smile. She stared into their faces before letting out the last words, “Thank you.” She looked straight into Diana’s eyes, rolling her face. Nobody can be trusted, she concluded in her mind.


“Mr. Dave, I want to believe you are getting better.” the old doctor asked attending to him. A nurse stood by him, assisting him.

“I’m better.” Dave responded. The doctor stopped what he was doing immediately. He never expected to get a response. He raised his gaze to look into his eyes. “When did this happen?” he looked astonished.

“Just last night.” Alexander tried to smile. “I feel more secure here. I don’t know why. I think I’ll run mad if I ho back home.” he poured out his mind as tears ran off his face.

“You don’t need to be scared. According to the psychological test we carried out on you, it shows you’re undergoing some strange happenings. Can you tell me about some of these happenings?” the old doctor asked trying to act like a confidant. “Of course.” Dave answered, pulling his back up to the pillow.


Susan drove into the large compound, finding it easy to locate the available spaces where she could park. Her day at work was one of a hell, but she had pretended to be okay all through.

She got out of the car, pulling off her jacket and keeping it on her arms. She walked through the door as everywhere seemed less busy than the other night.

“Good evening.” she said, looking at the waiting nurse who remembered her immediately.

“Madam.” she called out looking exited. “The doctor would like to see you before you go in to see your husband.” she told her immediately.

“Okay. Thank you.” she smiled, heading towards the doctor’s office. She opened the door suddenly before closing it back to knock. “You may come in.” a familiar voice said from the other side of the door.

Susan walked in, refusing to raise her head immediately. After taking three steps, she decided to greet the old man who had a boom he was probably reading or just glancing through in his hands. “Good evening sir.”

“Good evening Mrs. Susan.” the doctor answered. Susan noticed the happiness on his face. She hoped it had something to do with her husband.

“What of your friend, Christopher?” he asked looking at the door as though he was expecting somebody to open it.

“I came here all by myself.” Susan answered, still standing on her feet.

“Good. Please, have your seat.” the doctor offered. There is good news and another news.” the doctor removed his glasses. His countenance changed and he was looking all serious.

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