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The End

Christopher smiled as he heard the knock on his front door. He knew it was his regular night customer, Susan. He got up from the coach, stepping towards the door confidently, chest pushed out. He opened the door smiling.

“I have been waiting for you.” he said, facing Susan who wouldn’t step into the house herself. She kept looking at Christopher lustfully and this really got him. “Come inside.” he said, but Susan stood there staring. He walked up to her and raised her from the floor. Susan laughed as Christopher carried her to his room.

He dropped her on the bed, began to put off his clothes. He pushed himself to the bed, ready to pounce on her.

“Not so fast.” Susan tried to stop him from touching her.

“Why?” Christopher who could not take it anymore asked. He could not resist the urge. He was confused on what to do. He knew he could actually rape her like he had always tried to do, but on a second thought, he didn’t want to ruin his chance of winning Susan to himself and losing Dave’s property on the line.

“I am on my period.” Susan said, looking sad. “It is not my fault, right?” she added, playing with his chin. He stared at her for sometime before withdrawing.

“Shit!” he hit the bed, lying beside Susan. He stared at the ceiling, unnecessarily angry with no one.

“Are you mad at me?” Susan asked, putting her head on his chest. She looked him in the face.

“Of course not.” he answered immediately, looking at her. “I’m only angry that you’re on your period.” he said, taking his eyes off her face. Again, he kept staring at the ceiling.

“Funny boy.” Susan poked his nose, laughing out very loud. Christopher wondered what was so funny. He stared at her.

“Why are you laughing?” he asked, feeling she was making jest of him.

“You know, you’re angry because you can’t have me tonight, right?” she asked. He nodded, still looking at her. “You should not be angry?” she finally broke his soul.

“But why?” Christopher who was confused asked, sitting up.

“All these years, you could not take me back. If not because of Dave’s insanity and even I who have walked into your house—your life, you would never have thought of having me back.” Susan voiced out. She pretended to be surprised when Christopher started laughing, louder than she had laughed earlier. “What is so funny?”

“You! Do you know why I have remained single till now?” he tried to stop himself from laughing.

“You don’t want to get married.” Susan intentionally answered.

“That is ridiculous! It is because I was planning how I would take you from Dave.” he whispered.

“I don’t understand.” Susan pretended she was looking into her brain.

“Can I trust you?”

“You know you can. Just let me understand. I’m in the dark.”

“Hmm… I need to be sure. Let us assume Dave is okay today, who do you think you would go with?” he asked.

“Come on, Dave is my past. See, I never really loved him. I’m with him because he has saved me times without number.” she went silent. She looked very serious as she spoke.

“You remind me of the day the one I truly love and I have not been able to stop loving tried to rape me. Why did you do it?” she bursted into tears.

Christopher wished she didn’t mention that. He quickly moved towards her, trying to stop her from crying.

“I know I really messed up. I was young and stupid. I knew I loved you but I don’t just know what came over me. But thank God Dave saved you twice. I was really insane.” he tried to convince Susan. He bowed his head, forcing some fake tears out of his sockets.

“Hey… Don’t cry now.” Susan wiped her tears. “At least, ever since we got back, you have not tried such with me. This is why I can confidently stay with you on the same bed. Let’s forget this and concentrate on what you were trying to explain to me.” she suggested.

“Yes… yes…” Christopher quickly answered. “You will have to forgive me, but…” he stopped immediately. Susan wondered what had stopped him. This was not what she planned for, she thought.

“But what?” she asked.

“Wait… How is Dave’s health condition?

“Worse. I was there yesterday and the doctor told me they may have to move him to a psychiatric hospital. He has gone mad completely.” she lied and gave Christopher the impression that she didn’t care. Christopher could feel the worms in his tommy jumping for joy in his stead.

“The truth is that I ran Dave mad.” he spilled.

“What?” Susan exclaimed.

“Promise me you’d keep this a secret between us.” he pleaded.

“Okay.” she tried to lower her voice. “But how?”

“Those owls, I actually made them. They were only plastic. I planned to use them to make Dave run mad, which I have achieved.” he confessed, turning his head away.

“Mere plastics like the snake I saw that day?”

“Exactly! I planned to also use the plastic reptile but I changed my mind.” he continued.

“You’re a genius.” Susan praised him, kissing his forehead. It looked strange to him. At least, he expected Susan to be mad for nothing less than two weeks. Dave was a good husband and if she would be angry for nothing, atleast, because Dave was a good and innocent man. He started to suspect something was off.

While Susan was still busy romancing him, he looked around for her phone and noticed it was recording.

“Shit! You set me up.” he said pushing Susan away. He tried to reach for the phone but Susan held his legs. He kicked her and she found herself on the floor. “You have been fooling me all these while? After I have deleted this, I promise to rape you to death and dispose your body where nobody will find it.” he said before stretching his hand to take hold of her phone. But before he could pick it, the door flew open.

“Your hands behind your head!” one of the police officers screamed. The three police officers pointed their guns at him. “Freeze!” the policeman shouted. Christopher continued to stare at the phone.

“Any funny move and I will blow off your head.” the police officer warned. He looked really serious, ready to release a bullet in Christopher’s skull. Christopher reluctantly put his hands at the back of his head as one of the policemen marched forward to handcuff him. He pushed him out of the bed, ready to walk him out. But just then, Dave entered into the room clapping his hands. Susan rushed to her phone, smiling as she saved the audio.

“What a professional plan.” Dave stared smiling. “I thought I was helping you but see how you paid me.” he said standing in front of him. “I promise you one thing…,” he looked into his face as if he was looking for his heart. “You’ll rot in jail.” he spilled.

“I don’t bloody care. You’ll pay.” Christopher threatened. He looked in Susan’s direction, “You fooled me all these while.”

“Wait.” Susan laughed. “You thought I would seriously work against my husband? It has been irritating playing along all these while. You’re a fool to have fallen into my trap.” Susan angrily voiced out.

“Now, you feel you’re your husband’s heroine.” he spat on the floor. “I’ll never forgive you.”

“You just stated a fact. Indeed, she is her husband’s heroine, my heroine! You don’t have a right to forgive her!”

“Take him away.” the leader of the police team instructed his men as they kicked Christopher out.

Dave stared at Susan. He couldn’t believe everything that had happened, especially how Susan risked her life to catch the one responsible for his lost mind. He knew he had to show gratitude to Albert, the one who had played more than a doctor’s role in his life.

“Where did you say the box is? We will need it as an evidence.” the policeman asked. She went to the wordrope and took it out. “Don’t open.” he warned, using his gun to open it up. “We will take it from here.” he assured them. Dave quickly stretched his neck to see the plastics that had disturbed his life for days. They looked real.

“Thank you. I’ll send the audio to you.” Susan said.

“Alright.” he said walking towards the door.

“Thank you officer.” Dave also appreciated before he passed him.

“Thank your brave wife. I’m only doing my duty.” he smiled. Dave also smiled, now staring at his wife, Susan as the policeman disappeared.

“From this day henceforth, I’ll call you the name Christopher just lent me.” he walked up to her holding her by the waist.

“What name is that?” she asked, blushing.

“My heroine.” he answered, as they locked their lips.

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  1. So captivating and an intriguing story. Always looking forward to reading the next episode until the end. You have done a great job and I want to commend your effort. Keep it up. The sky is just the beginning for you. Congratulations!!

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