Her Husband’s Heroine 18


The room was covered with darkness. Only the rays of light emanating from the television were visible. They beat on Dave, making him visible in the dark as he enjoyed the show. He was laughing at the jokes one of the black comedians was cracking, when he heard the door make a noise. He turned towards the door to see what was happening, but then, the light came on.

He found Albert by the switch, now bringing his fingers down after lighting up the bulbs. He noticed the figure standing behind him. He jumped out of bed immediately he discovered the figure was his wife. It had only been few days since they last saw but to him, it seemed like ages. He could not hide his happiness, as he started towards his wife who was also starting at him, smiling like the day he hooked her on the alter. Albert watched as the family he had separated reunited. It is for their good, he thought as Dave lifted Susan in the air.

Albert quickly wiped the tears that rolled down his cheek, so that the two would not get to see him being emotional. Dave landed Susan on the floor, giving her a tight hug. A hug she had only been able to receive from his long time rival, Christioher during the few days he had been set apart. The two wept profusely, unable to get separated.

“I miss you.” Dave confessed, refusing to get out of the tight embrace. He wept like a kid who had been told his mother was dead, but got to see her again after a decade. He wrapped his arms around her and folded her the more.

“I miss you too Dave.” Susan replied, swallowing her saliva. The embrace only reminded her of the ones she got from the maniac, Chritopher. Although she had not sinned, she still felt uneasy. It was as if she had cheated on her husband.

Albert legs would not allow him stand a minute more. He walked to the bed, sat upon it and watched the young couple feel what he thought they had missed. For some time, he wished he never kept Dave away from his wife. But again, he was happy he did. It only fostered their love and made them unveil the criminal behind the whole drama that he could not understand at first.

“How have you been?” Dave finally asked, relaxing himself from the embrace. He wiped his wife’s face, trying to get a control over his emotions. “Dr. Albert told me you would not be able to see me until you have fulfilled your duties as my wife.” he said, looking into Susan’s eyes. “What did he mean by that?” he questioned, confused.

Susan looked towards the old man, she could not believe he never said anything to Dave concerning the investigation. She did not ask him if he did anyways. She stared at her husband, going into a second phase of tears.

“No. Don’t do that.” Dave tried to stop her. He bent her head backwards so that the tears would not escape.

“Come here children. You’ll get to discover all what she has been doing to see it is safe for you to live outside there.” Albert said facing the television. He had its remote in his hands, enacting pressure on one of the buttons. The television went mute.

Dave stared at him from the door where he stood with his wife. He really wanted to know. He marched towards him in a hurry, standing between him and the television so he could stare directly at him.

“What is this thing you have been hiding from me? Am I running mad soon?” he asked, looking upset.

“God forbids it.” Susan answered immediately. She rushed towards him in tears, holding his hands. It seemed to work, as Dave went quiet, enjoying the grip from his wife.

“Sit there.” Albert offered in a low tone, pointing to the other bed. He adjusted himself, facing the bed where he asked Dave to sit. “You, sit beside me.” Albert said, referring to Susan. She obediently did as she was told. She was happy her husband was okay. She would not have believed Albert if she had not seen him with her own eyes. She watched as Dave reluctantly had his seat. He must have changed his mind to do as the doctor said after he had seen her obey.

“There is a lot to tell you. Both myself and your wife.” he stared into Susan’s face before facing Dave. But of course, your wife has the bulk of it to reveal to you.” Albert started. Dave gave him his total attention, waiting for whatever they had to say.

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