Her Husband’s Heroine 17

Christopher entered into the room, standing straight on his feet. He smiled as he watched Susan lie on his bed. Susan wondered how she got to quickly put things back in place. She hoped she had not made any mistake that could put her or Dave in trouble.

“I am here now,” Christopher announced his arrival. The blacktop he had matched his fair complexion perfectly. He walked forward as Susan raised her head, pretending she had not noticed his arrival. She smiled, as Christopher gave her a peck on her right cheek.

“You promised to be back in no time, but you have spent almost an hour outside,” she alleged, trying to look funnily angry. She got up from the bed, scared of what Christopher might have in mind. His smile was not holy.

“I am very sorry. It is something that has to do with my company.” he voiced out, trying to beg Susan to stay. He noticed the absurd look on Susan’s face. “Oh… Your husband’s company.” he corrected himself, laughing hard. Susan joined him, looking foolish in her own eyes. She could not believe Christopher had started personalizing the company her husband built with his sweat. “Well, it would be mine soon,” he added, trying to stop himself from laughing.

“Christopher, I must go now,” Susan said, kicking in her feet in her slippers. She famed a yawn to make Christopher feel she was feeling asleep. Christopher’s statement kept banging in her head. She must see Albert the next day, she thought.


“Good evening Doctor Albert.” Susan greeted after shutting the door behind her. She stretched her hand as Albert who was still surprised as to what gave her so much joy took her hand for a shake. She did not forget to knock before stepping in this time around. She looked really different with a flashy makeup on. Thanks to Albert’s glasses, he would have had a tough time trying to recollect the face.

“Good evening Susan. You look good this evening. How was work.” Albert confessed, staring at her.

“Thank you. Work was good,” she answered with a bright smile. She took her seat, placed her bag on the other seat. “How is Dave?” she requested.

“Dave is very okay.” Albert nodded his head in affirmation to his words.

“But how can I be sure since you have closed the door on me? I need to see him.” She confessed. She sounded a bit rude.

“But like I told you, we need to be sure he’ll be safe. What’s the update?” Albert discountenanced her act, he perceived as naive.

“Hmm… Would I see him if what I have is valid enough?” she asked.


“Great.” she smiled, pushing her phone forward to Albert. She had been able to recorded the useful information she thought would be needed to bring Christopher to book. Albert stared at the phone, surprised by what Susan was able to come up with.

“This devil!” he said at a point, hitting his desk slightly. Susan smiled from where she seated, proud of herself. She suddenly wondered why Albert was so concerned. They owe him a lot, she thought.

“Come with me,” Albert said, finding it hard to lift his body from the chair. Susan stared. He looked much older than he was four days ago. He finally got up, walking towards the exit. Susan followed, as they approached Dave’s ward. Albert pushed the door open.

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