Her Husband’s Heroine 16


Suddenly, her phone began to ring. She quickly removed it from her pocket, checked the caller. It was one of her friends.

“I have to pick this. Good night.” she smiled, releasing herself from Christopher’s grip. She opened her door, walking into the house. She smiled again before shutting it.

Christopher looked disappointed. He wished the call never came in at that crucial point in time. He punched the wall twice, looking angry. He stood at the door for a few seconds before turning back. Like a man approaching his wife’s concubine, he marched out of the compound.

“Thank you Jesus.” Susan mumbled after attending to the caller. She held her phone close to her chest, sliding down the wall to sit on the floor. She imagined Christopher had kissed her. She seemed irritated even in her imagination. But she must visit again even the following day, she thought. Slowly, she walked to her room. The thought of her hospitalized husband crossed her mind again.


She was on Christopher’s bed, playing with him like lovers. The other night, she could not even kiss him but here she was laughing as Christopher tickled her. She just had to do this for her husband, she thought. At least, she had access to his room, where she believed she could get other useful information.

“Since the first time I met you, I’ve always dreamed to have you in my arms.” Christopher said, folding his arms around Susan. He felt really happy touching her at last.

“You could have had me all to yourself, but then, you messed up. Twice!” Susan reminded him. She intentionally bore out to let him believe he had a chance with her. The whole act was irritating her, especially, finding herself in his arms.

“I really messed up.” Christopher agreed. “But I think it was for the best.” he looked up at Susan who seemed a little bit confused. She could not phantom exactly what Christopher meant.

“I don’t understand you.” She smiled, looking all confused.

“Yes.” he answered confidently. “Since Dave is now mad, I can marry you and since you’ll inherit his company, it will also belong to me. I’ll run it like my own and…” he kept talking, but Susan was long lost in her thought. She could not believe her ears. She never imagined Christopher could have that in plan. Christopher suddenly noticed she was not paying attention.

“Are you with me?” he asked, running his finger down her cheek.

“Of course.” she smiled quickly. “Just that I never imagined it. You’re a smart planner, don’t you think?” she poked him on the nose. “You are a genius.” she confessed.

“I know.” he smiled. “Babe, I need to go somewhere now. It is very urgent.” he said, checking his wristwatch. He dropped down from bed, changing his pant and putting on a top.

“Are you going to take long?” she asked, happy she had an opportunity already.

“No. Can I escort you back to your apartment or would you stay till I’m back?” he asked, picking up his car keys from the drawer.

“Wait for you of course.” Susan smiled, giving him the killing look. He smiled back, dashing out of the house immediately.

Susan monitored him through the window. After he had seen him drive faraway, she started searching his room. She searched for minutes but could find nothing. Just when she was about giving up, it clicked the birds might have been hidden in his wardrobe. She opened the wardrobe immediately, searching the small boxes below.

There it was! She went dumbfounded, closing her mouth to avoid screaming. Two plastic owls with strings were hidden in one of the boxes. She remembered the piece of plastic she was able to get from Dave’s office. Quickly, she examined the birds to be sure it was Christopher’s plot. There it was, the plastic bird with the missing part. She removed her phone immediately to get a shot, but just then, she heard the exact footsteps that left the room now approaching.

She must have been so carried away not to have noticed any sound she thought, scared she was already caught.

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