Her Husband’s Heroine 15


On a second thought, he decided to release the content in the sink. Why ruin what he could enjoy forever by making a single mistake. It wouldn’t make sense, he thought. He went back to the freezer to get another drink. He wished he could satisfy his pleasure, but he had to be patient.

“Patience.” he repeated twice, holding the tray in his hands before walking straight to the sitting room. As he expected, Susan was still seated where he left her. If only he could get her in his bed. But again, apart from the fact that he would be risking his entire future, he would be stabbing his old school mate, Dave at the back.

“Patience.” he kept singing in his head as he dropped the tray on a stool. He smiled wildly, serving Susan her drink. Like the other day, he walked back to one of the couches to drain his bottle down his throat.

“Thank you.” Susan said, raising the glass cup. She stopped immediately she was about to sip. She had suspected Christopher must have added a sleeping pill. She looked at him suspiciously, but he was busy enjoying the program he was viewing. She smelt the drink before gulping it. He wouldn’t want to ruin his plans, she assured herself, taking more gulps.


“I should be on my way now. It is getting very late.” Susan said picking up her phone. She had made sure to spend two hours. Although she had failed to gather more information, she had done well to sell the wrong impression to Christopher.

“Of course. It was nice having you around.” Christopher said standing to his feet. He watched Susan lift herself from the couch, prepared to leave. “Let me escort you to your doorpost. Would you allow me?” he asked, hoping he would get something positive.

“Of course. Why not?” Susan blushed, trying to hide her face. She smiled like a new bride in the arms of her groom.

“Let’s go.” Christopher said, grinning. He got his house key, walking towards the door behind Susan. He could not help but stare. All of her would become his in no time, he thought. No need to be in a hurry.

With hands interlocked, they walked straight towards Susan’s apartment. The whole estate was silent and only the ugly songs of the birds could be heard. The street lights where however illuminating their light to give them guidance. In no time, they were at the door. Christopher tried his luck to hold tightly to her hands.

He was scared it may not end well, but he still tried. Fortunately for him, Susan didn’t resist. She allowed her hands to be caressed by Christopher. Christopher felt she was enjoying it and decided to take a bolder step. It was time to make her forget everything about Dave.

“You and I could be happy together.” he confessed, still holding on to her arms.

Susan smiled, pretending to be cool with whatever he had said. Her plans were working out well. She wished she could kick him, but for the sake of her husband, she must not make any mistake.

“Come here.” Christopher pulled her closer to his side. He stared into her eyes. She knew what he was trying to do. What would she do before he hooked their lips, she thought. Would she allow him or hit him? This drama is becoming unbearable, she thought.

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