Her Husband’s Heroine 14


Susan had just returned from work in the evening feeling stressed out. It has been an hectic day at work, aided with the fact that she had not had enough rest ever since her husband left to live at the hospital. She felt like dropping on her bed, but her new secured job had to continue if she would get to see her husband home soon.

She prepared her bed, had some noodles cooked before changing her clothes. Mission two was about to be executed in an interesting but dangerous way.

“For the love of my husband.” she repeated three times, looking all prepared for an unseen war before dashing out of her house, head faced up.


“Gbam Gbam.” the night knock came ringing in Christopher’s ears again for the second time. He laid on his bed, wondering who it could be. Suddenly, his memory reminded him of the new old friend he made just the previous night. It could be she, he thought as a slight smile ran over his face.

He flipped out of bed, and if he ever got to see a playback, he would ask himself how he did it. Within few minutes, he was at the door, ready to open the door without asking for the identity unexpected guest.

“Good evening.” he sojourned a wild smile, resting a part of his chest on the door while he peeped out. Susan smiled, refusing to grant him the reply he thought he would get. She was not ready for this but she must play along in a descriptive manner. She entered the house, bowing her head. She was in a long trouser and a top belonging to her husband. It looked really long and big on her.

Christopher’s eyes followed her in as he could not resist admiring her unique figure. If only he had not misplaced the opportunity that came easily served on his table some years back, he thought. She appeared even more beautiful than she was when he first met her. He smiled, recollecting she had no child for Dave just yet. He could count himself lucky already.

“Why are you staring and laughing?” Susan’s voice hit Christopher so hard into reality, that he could not find the right words to explain himself. He only smiled, closing the door and walking over to the three-seater where Susan was seated. He left a space in between, making himself comfortable.

“I am so happy to have you back in my life.” he poured out indelibrately. He didn’t realize what he had spilled until he sensed the the look on Susan’s face. “I mean having you as a friend again.” he added, trying to erase the idea he thought was running in Susan’s head.

Susan smiled, aware she was playing out of her plan. She had to face this and get out of it quickly. But if Christopher was not responsible, then it would not be easy to breakout of the tide. At the moment, she must play along to convince him that he could have a chance.

“What about my friend?” Christopher asked but before Susan could give him a reply, he continued. “How would you know since they will not allow us in.” He looked worried, staring at the blank television set placed before the wall.

Susan’s heart skipped. Could it be that Christopher had been to the hospital even after he had told him no one could see him? What if the nurses or Albert himself had acknowledged he was recuperating, when he had told him he had gone from bad to worse? Her mind homed a lot of thought within a second.

“Were you at the hospital?” she asked almost immediately.

“No. Not at all! I would have really loved to, but you know.” he tried to make her understand.

“Yes. I couldn’t visit the hospital today too.” she bowed her head.

Christopher was shocked to know she didn’t visit the hospital at all. If not to see her husband, then to inquire from the old doctor about his health status. That would be expected of any woman who truly loves her husband. The love could be deteriorating, he thought, smiling.

Susan kept her head bent, imagining what thoughts Christopher was taming in his mind. She perfectly understood his thought, but although she had not visited the hospital, it was attached to the fact that she had to investigate him. She needed to make him feel he could get back into her life.

“Hmm…” Christopher tried to trace his voice, seated straight, eyes rolling around, and hand hands on his thighs.

“The light has been out since some hours ago. Let me get the gen.” he said getting up quickly. He disappeared and Susan could hear him walking outside at the backyard.

She quickly jumped up, looking around the sitting room. She noticed a big box placed at a corner. It could be the box he kept the plastic birds, she thought. She opened it immediately, but all she found were pieces of paper. She could hear Christopher’s footsteps approaching the sitting room. She got back to where he left her, trying to maintain the same position. The converted light was now in and it was all airy.

“What about I get us some drinks.” Christopher said, standing in front of Susan. She nodded her head as Christopher jumped into the kitchen dancing. He opened the freezer but the coldness sent him back. He managed to get two bottles of soft drinks. He opened one smiling. He went to one of the cupboards and got a pill. He smiled holding it up in his hand.

He danced back to where he kept the drinks, dropping the pill into the opened drink. He fastened the cover back immediately, prepares to serve his old friend.

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