Her Husband’s Heroine 13


“Were you able to come across anything?” This were the first words that ran through Albert’s mouth. Susan closed the door, confused on what to say. Was she to greet him or answer his question. Albert kept staring, expecting her to say something.

“I was able to find something.” she smiled, walking to his table. She took a seat in front of the old man before searching her purse. Albert kept staring, wondering what it could be. She finally withdrew her hand from the purse with a black nylon held between her fingers. She drove her hand on the table till it was finally in front of Albert.

“Hmm… This is what you found.” Albert said, picking up his glasses from its case. He placed it on his face, watched Susan withdrew her hand, leaving behind the nylon before picking it up. He then emptied it on the table. The plastic came falling, giving a shallow sound as it hit the table. Susan kept staring, she seemed to enjoy every bit of his drama.

Albert finally took up a glove from a packet full of gloves right beside him. He wore it on his left hand, and picked up the object. He brought it very close to his eyes so that his aged sight wouldn’t deceive him. “This is a plastic.” Albert said, unconvinced by what he had in front of him.

“Turn it to the other side.” Susan who understood how he felt said, flinging her finger in the air. Albert did as he was told and he seemed shocked as he drew it even closer to his eyes. “Wow. This is it.” he said smiling. “I was right.” he giggled.

“Yes. I guess so.” Susan who had no reason to smile or laugh said looking all serious. It was another night alone without her husband. She was getting used to having the car all to herself already. It was only the third night, but it felt as though she had spent three years without Dave.

“This is no longer a guess. This is it.” Albert replied almost immediately, still staring at the object in his hand. “The individual who made this must be a genius.” he said, but just then, the smile on his face disappeared.

Susan noticed the sudden switch and wondered what was wrong. The first thing that hit her mind was the present condition of her husband.

“How is Dave” she asked, looking at the doctor suspiciously. Her heart was ready to give a loud cry.

“He is getting better.” Albert answered looking in her direction smiling. The smile faded away immediately, and he was back in his long thought.

“So, what is the problem” she asked inquisitively.

“It is not okay we know this was planned. We must find out who must have done this. This is not enough to convince Dave and as far as the person’s identity is unknown, I think Dave is not safe to leave here.” Albert answered.

“Well, I think I have a suspect already.” Susan answered. Albert looked straight into her eyes, expecting her to say more.

“I’m actually suspecting our neighbour. It was on his roof Dave used to see those birds. He is also a worker in his office, so it is possible he brought one along to scare Dave the day he was brought down here.” Susan explained.

“Wow. This sounds valid. But does he have anything against your husband?” Albert tried to see the sense in her allegation.

“Well, we all attended the same university and it happened that he was Dave’s rival.”

“And you must have been the lucky girl.” Albert winked, shining his upper teeth.

“Yes.” Susan replied with a deep sigh.

“But why will Dave employ someone who was his rival?”

“Well, he seems to know a lot about the job and aside the fact that he needed his expertise, he thought he could be of help to an old unemployed friend.” Susan explained. She didn’t know why she was free telling it all to the old man. But one thing was sure, if there was any other person aside her who would want to see Dave free, it would be Albert.

“But that is not enough to prove him guilty.” Albert concluded.

“I think it is. I was at his place yesterday. Guess what I found?”


“A rubber snake that could exhibit all the features of a real snake.” she answered with all seriousness. “He even confessed he made it.” she explained further

“Wow. If he could make something of such, then maybe he could have made these birds.” Albert said playing with his grey beards. “Could it be Christopher?” he asked, giving Susan a suspicious look.

“Yes. And how come you were able to figure that out?” she asked.

“I’ve been suspecting that young man since the very first time I saw him. Again, I know he works with your husband and I figured out he is your neighbour the day he brought you along.” he explained.

“Oh… Suspected anything?”

“Sure. That aside, I think you need to go deeper in this investigation.”

“But why not involve the police here?”

“It is not yet time. Do you have any idea of what he wants? Like why he is doing all these?”

“Hmm… I think he still wants me.”

“Oh… Maybe you should play along.”

“Play along?”

“Exactly. But be careful.” Albert nodded.

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