Her Husband’s Heroine 10


Susan that evening had returned to her house to pick up anything that could help her gain entrance into her husband’s office. She went to the safe where Dave kept the spare keys. The keys were so many she had to pack everything into a small bag. Her readiness to find out what was happening was strong, although she didn’t understand what she was up to just yet.

She opened their wedding album to take out of the photos. She stared at the photo, being reminded of that blessed Saturday morning when families and friends had gathered to witness their union. It was a memory that can never be forgotten. The smiles and laughter, especially the honeymoon were one of the indelible memories.

“My ID card.” she said, walking towards the other side of the bed, where her purse laid. She grabbed it, searching for her identity card. She gave a sigh of relief, taking it out of the purse, placed it right before the keys before going to her wardrobe to get a top and trouser.


The old security at the sound of the familiar horn flashed his touch into the darkness, giving off a slight smile. He had thought his boss had recovered and was back. He had asked Christopher how he was fairing and Christopher has assured him Dave will be joining them very soon.

Instead of opening the gate, he decided to go confirm it is was really him or if the horn was only similar. He could not see the car itself since the rays from the car’s flashlights were hitting into his eyes.

Susan quickly went ahead to open the car safe to get her identity card and picture in case the old man had forgotten who she was. But before she could start searching, the man got to her.

“Young lady.” he called out, hitting the car softly. Susan was still backing him in an attempt to get the things she needed. The smile on the man’s face faded away instantly when he noticed the figure. He had checked out the car well before looking into it. Of no doubt, it was his boss’s car, but who the lady was, he was not sure of.

Susan raised her head immediately, winding down the glass. She looked at the old man smiling. She could still recognize him and she could prove to anyone he was far different from how she used to imagine him. They had met only three years ago when Dave had a problem driving. She would go to drop him and pick him every day.

At that time, the old man used to have black hair with grey but now, it was all grey. His wrinkles too were more pronounced and his size had reduced. Only his height had not changed because he was not bending, may just yet. There’s no way the old man would recognize her, she thought.

“Good evening sir.” she greeted, still trying to reach for her identity card and picture. “

“You are Mr. Dave’s wife.” he said emphatically as though he had seen her just a few weeks ago. He looked so sure. “It has been a long time.” he smiled.

“Yes sir.” she tried smiling. She closed the safe since the old man could still recognize her. She was wrong about the memory of the old man. She must have underestimated the strength of his memory.

“What of your husband?” he asked, wondering what she was looking for at that time of the night.

“He is improving.” she didn’t sound real when she said that. “I wish him a quick recovery. I should go visit him tomorrow.” he rested his fragile body on the wooden staff he was holding.

“Thank you sir, but even I cannot see him. Visitors can’t see him just yet.” she tried explaining. “I have something I need to pick from his office.” she continued.

“Okay. We will wait till then.” he said before raising his head up to look in the direction of the gate. “Justin! Open up the gate.” he called out to one of the boys as the gate went opened. He kept his gaze on the car as Susan drove in. He quickly walked to the main entrance of the building, unlocking the door.

She wouldn’t need to stress herself, she thought as she stepped down to see the door opened and a bunch of keys on the man’s hand. She quickly walked in with him, as he led the way.

“Do you have the key to his office?” Susan asked as though she was suspecting something.

“I don’t use to have it, but that morning when he was rushed to the hospital, I decided to lick and keep it.” he explained.

“Okay.” she seemed satisfied with the response. They were finally in front of his office. The old man inserted the key and turned it twice. The door opened wide.

“Thank you.” Susan said smiling, still standing at the door. The old man understood he had to excuse her.

“Excuse me.” he said walking away.

“Of course.” Susan stood still, smiling. She brought out her touch, sliding her thumb against a button to release the rays, as she stepped into the office. She pointed the touch around, but the switch was not far from the door. She turned it on before closing the door.

The office still looked clean as she walked towards the table, a little bit scared the bird if it was real maybe somewhere waiting to show forth its ugly face. The table looked neat with no feather on it. She walked to the other side of the table, flashing the light from her touch to have a clearer view of the floor. But there was nothing.

Doctor Albert’s words ran through her head. The window! She ran to the window, but there was nothing. She was about giving up when she noticed something dark by the window. It sure wasn’t a feather. She flashed her touch at the object, moving her head closer to see what it was.

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