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Migraine is a very crucial health condition that could make life uncomfortable for its victim. Record from primary headache disorder, Lagos state teaching hospital shows 5.3 percent of men and 5.6 percent of women in Nigeria suffers this type of headache.

Migraine could be a lifetime illness if not looked into properly. The pain and stress from this symptom makes life unbearable and has proven to sometimes lead to depression
Generally, headache is a neurological disorder that everyone experience, usually as a symptom of a sickness. The headache itself impair one’s productivity and quality of life as most time is spent in enduring the agonizing pain from its effect.

Migraine on the other hand is a type of headache with varying intensity, other symptoms include hypersensitivity to sound and light along with nausea and vomiting.
Before a migraine, most victims experience an aura, a visual and sensory awareness of the surrounding atmosphere.
Aura is characterized by
Seeing zig-zag lines, seeing different shapes, lights flashes and spots, partial loss of vision, body numbness, body weakness, also a sensation of needles and pins in the feet and arms, stiffness of the neck, and difficulty in speaking.

Migraine can last up to 4-72 hours.
Although people of age group 10-40 are prone to have a migraine, adults tend to suffer migraine more.

Causes of migraine

Although migraine can be hereditary, triggers of migraine include;

• Sleep disruption or deprivation. Not having enough amount of sleep. Also sleeping with lights on can trigger migraines in people with photophobia.

• Hormonal changes in women(during the menstrual period), this reason explains why women suffer migraines more than men. In the US, the female gender suffers migraine trice more than men.

• Taking alcoholic drinks, wine, and taking drinks with too much caffeine such as coffee.

Stress from work and physical activities like excess body building may trigger migraines.

• Skipping meals.

• Dehydration.

• Allergic reaction to some foods and medications.

• Bright lights and loud noise and other strong sensation engagement like a strong smell can induce migraines in some people.

Remedies to ease migraine attack.

Migraine can be eased by taking on counter pain killers such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and paracetamol.

• Having a good rest, especially in the dark and serene area.

• Drink water.

• Cold compress; this is the placing cold cloth or an ice pack on the forehead.

Progressive muscle relaxation. Has also to improve victims’ condition.

When to see a doctor.

Migraines are self diagnosed and therefore most people engage self treatment. They are always suffered due to a victim’s unhealthy living or condition as stated in the triggers, which most times is known to the sufferer. When you notice the attack does not follow normal pattern due to your own negligence of healthy living, nutrition, sleep, and menstrual period you need to see a doctor to prevent doing more harm to yourself as it could be a symptom to other illnesses like pregnancy, brain tumors, and depression.

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