Health: Seven bad health habits you need to quit


Its a new month. A happy new month and welcome to the month of July. As you know your health is one of our priorities here are seven bad health habits you need to quit this month.
Of cos, once in a while you might skip a meal, forget to exercise, take your bath late, eat junks and other things you are thinking of right now, but consistency becomes a habit, and until you are willing and intentional to stop these things, having in mind your health as a priority, you wouldn’t stop these bad habits that can have a long-lasting bad effect on your health.

Here are some bad health habits you would be able to relate to.

1) Being lazy for exercising. This tops the list as many people are guilty of it. Especially, this quarantine period, when everybody is stuck at home, no going out, no walking, and no working. No exercise, you’re gaining weight every day. Being lazy and not exercising are different things but a lot of people don’t exercise because they are lazy. Been lazy about exercise might sound comfortable but that regular exercise helps to keep a regular flow of blood and rise in oxygen level and strengthens the heart.
Those that don’t exercise often are at risk of the following diseases.

  • Diabetes
  • Low blood pressure
  • Heart attack
  • Coronary artery disease
  • There is a lot to gain from exercising. You keep your body in good shape (whatever your gender is) figure 8 goal, abs, and muscles is a goal. With this knowledge, I hope you’d pick up your sports kit and do some exercise tomorrow. Stop being lazy about it.

2) Eating too quickly or while walking.
Wait, why can’t you take your time and enjoy the meal, it’ s not running off, we understand a busy lifestyle is what most people have, but place some priority on you eating right to compensate those calories you burn at work and stop causing more harm to your health. Eating too quickly can lead to overweight or even trigger a heart problem, diabetes and stroke So just chill, find a place, sit down and eat your food with peace, with joy, with patience.

3) Biting your fingers.

Over the years, I have seen some awkward looking fingernails. They, of course, irritate me. But those fingers didn’t get deformed in one day, it took a process of biting the nails, In case you bite your fingers, I think you should know that you are causing damages to your beauty, (ladies would understand the importance of fingernails in looking attractive). Also, you are exposing the skin around your fingers to soreness and infections and your body to infections from the germs and bacteria from your fingers to your mouth.
You are damaging the tissues that cause nail formation and growth, thereby developing shorter nails with bumps and irregular looks.

4) Not completing your medication (antibiotics)
A lot of people are guilty of quitting their prescribed medications after sensing relief from the illness. This isn’t right in any way because you are at risk of recurring which would then be more difficult to treat this time around. Reasons have been that some of the bacterial in the body that the medication was to kill might have survived and these ones would be resistant to the drugs when next you apply them.

5) Looking into the phone and computer for a long time.
Many people know it’s not good, yet, they still decide to flow with the habit.

You are causing harm to your eye, leading to blurry vision and headache.
Lots of teen and youth phone users also have a sleep disorder, decreased attention, and. People who use computers too much are also at risk of having bad posture.

6) Distracted driving.

A lot of road accident is as a result of the driver been distracted.
Phone distraction, passenger distraction, mental distraction, name it. Your life matters. Yes, we know you are a pro, but your life matters so keep those two hands and eyes on the steering and road.

7) Not drinking enough water.

It’s like a lot of people are afraid of drinking water. About 60% of the human body is made up of water, water helps in carrying out major functions in the body which includes digestion and circulation, transportation of nutrients, about 70% of the brain and heart is made up of water, water is also needed to maintain the body temperature and keep the body hydrated.

You can see your body really needs lots of water. How much is enough? About 4-6 liters everyday is enough.

We hope to see more of you this month. Thank you for staying with us.

Idowu David

Architect | Storyteller | poet | Mental health advocate. And a Lover of all people.

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