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I’m sure you are shocked by today’s topic. Or you might have heard it before but never gave it much attention. Then this is a reminder.

I know many people are guilty of what I’m about to share with you today.
I’m pretty sure about it.
Like 100% sure.

Let me ask you, How do you clean your ears?
And what do you use to clean your ears?
It’s a pity many don’t put this into consideration.

Are You quick to put anything into your ears in the name of cleaning it?

I will never forget the pains my mum went through because of this ‘little’ oversight.
She complained of ear pain and tinnitus(ringing of the ears) for months. Eventually, she decided to visit the hospital and she was asked the questions I asked earlier.
My mum could use anything to clean her ears especially when it itches her.
She would sometimes use her car keys or match sticks.


Before you grin 😀 and squint, What do you use to clean your ears?
Maybe you are among those who use the cover of their pen.
I got you, right?

The class or lectures Is boring and the next thing, you uncover your pen and zoom….. It goes into your ears.

All these are not good and ideal for your ears.
Neither is the use of cotton bud too.

You are in shock?
Don’t be.

I’m going to give you three solid reasons why you shouldn’t clean your ears with even cotton buds.
But before I give you the reasons, let me enlighten you a bit.
When you attempt to clean your ears, what you are cleaning is what is called Earwax or Cerumen.
And the advantages of this ear wax are to filter and traps dust and particles. They are cleaning agents that help to clean the ears.

So if you are cleaning your ears;
~You can damage your eardrum.
~It will irritate the ear
~And it pushes the wax in the ear back inside into the eardrum and this can cause Impactation. (You can ask me for the meaning if you wants).

Normally, the wax is outside (middle part of the ear. ) So if you clean the ear, you are pushing the wax deep into the eardrum. So it’s a foreign body in the body.
Do you understand now? I’m trying not to sound ambiguous.

To clean your ears;
~Wash the back and outside (pinna) of the ear with clean water.
~Gently rub the ear when it itches or tingles.

To protect your ears from damages;
~Do not insert anything into your eardrum.
~You can visit an audiologist at least once or twice a month.
~Avoid noisy environments.
~Minimize the use of earpiece and headphone.

The percentage of people living with ear problems is on the increase. Do not add to the number.
I love you and care so much about your health.

I hope to hear your feedback.

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See you tomorrow.

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